To build or just buy already built

I've been scouring over all the questions and answers in the forums and enjoyed the advice. Learning a lot.
Got some good advice in the CPU forum from the turpit article on CPUs.
My only question is: When I go to a place like Newegg and try and put together a system with a good mid-range CPU and motherboard I get sticker shock!
By the time you add up all the components your are over $1000 easy.
Why not wait until I see a "put-together" computer with a good CPU (like Athlon 64 X2 6400 and a good mob) that comes with the CD rom, an OS, a decent NVIDIA video card, 3 GB of memory, 500 GB 7200 HD, Case, 400W PSU, etc.
Seems like I could find one for about $700 (or am I dreaming?)

I know, you are all lining up to yell at me since this is a "Build-it-yourself" forum, but it's a serious question. :hello:

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  1. Depends. If the pc is for someone who doesn't know how to change wallpapers & bugs others for such simple things, an OEM PC is the way to go. Dell comes to mind. If it's for a tech know-how, DIY is the way to go.

    The thing is it's a trend to overspend & be in debt. It's a 21st century thing. Most of the builds has 1/2 items that are overpriced or overkill. Like a 650W for a single 8800gt that requires a 450W. Or an 8800GTX for 2D work.
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