I can seem to burn DVD.... Please HELLLPP... LOL

Hello everyone... I have tried to get help from HP... but I just put a different writer in and it has given me the same problem.. here it is... I go through all the steps in nero and also Windows DVD maker.. And when it goes to actually burn the dvd... It tells me there was an error... But I can burn cds and I have actually burnt a couple of DVDs a while ago... But I dont know how... Here are my specs ...

OS: Vista 64 bit
DVD Writer: HP Dvd 1140i writer
Burn programs: Windows DVD Maker and Nero 8
Ram: 8gig
Mother board: Gigabyte something or other (lol)
Processor: Q6600

In nero it says something about unable to create disk structure...
Then i also tried to burn an ISO disk and it got all the way to the end, like 90 some %...
I get the same errors even with a different burner...

I have also tried it connected differently... Master, Cable select

I just really need some help.... thanks
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  1. In the device manager is the IDE controller channel in DMA mode? Wow... haven't had to touch that in a long time (assuming it's still in Vista somewhere) If it slipped back into PIO somehow that could be causing the problems
  2. Thanks ... I tried to find IDE controller setting... But it is not in device manager... IDE controller is there but nowhere does it say DMA or PIO... Did I look in the wrong place or just missit...
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