Flash Drive Corrupted/ Won't Format.

Hey ppls.

Got a small problem, all of a sudden my flash drive was corrupted and unreadable and unformatable,
When I try and format it using the windows utility, nothing comes up, I tried disk management, but no luck,

When I access the drive it just says Insert Disk into H:\

help please.

It's a SONY 2GB
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  1. only thing you can do is try it on another PC to see if it will pick it up. other than that the drive is toast
  2. was going to post exactly the same thread, and noticed this thread as the first one.

    I have the same exactly problem, a Corsair FlashVoyager 16GB. It's barely been 2 months, and the drive now says 'Insert Disk'. I've tried also using 'diskpart' (as previously it worked with another pendrive), to repartition the drive, but it lists it as 0byte size.

    Any further insight on this problem?
  3. have you tried partedmagic?
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