Forum Experts to the Rescue!! (OC e5200)

I can't seem to find a reliable guide to how to overclocking my e5200.

Here are my specs:
CPU- e5200
Mobo- Gigabyte ep45-ud3r
GPU- Radeon 4850
PSU- Antec EA650
Case- Antec 300
Ram- Patriot Extreme 4GB DDR2-800

One thing that is consistent from what i've read is that I need to download prime95 and orthros?? I;m not quite sure how to use them and how to start the overclocking process. Can someone please write me some directions or post a good, reliable guide somewhere? Thanks!
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  1. i guess i didnt see the sticky at the top of the forum.. lol

    if anything can add any tips or advice that I need to know, I would appreciate it if you would post it.
  2. it seems that people arent too fond of that article in that it has a lot of mistakes...

    is there a better guide? I really want to be careful since this is a very expensive investment... (for me atleast)
  3. You can google and find lots of stuff on overclocking.

    You can look at the homepage of Tom's, look at the heading for "build your own" and look at their past systembuilder marathons. They have used the E5200 in several of these and got good overclocks in at least one of them.
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