TT Armor vs. Antec 900 vs. XCLIO A380PLUS vs. TT Armor+MX

I am going to buy one of these cases in the next day or 2. The price isn't a real issue, since I plan to reuse the case for many years. Please help me select the best one. Which would you buy and why?

Thermaltake Armor Series VA8003BWS

Thermaltake Armor+MX VH8000BWS
The TT Armor+MX physically looks the best to me, however, I wish it had more fans...

Antec Nine Hundred

XCLIO A380PLUS-BK($120):
The case fans on this case are crazy
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  1. lol like the last one. Looks like a mini-jet engine on it.

    I am personally using an Antec 900, it has some great design features that increase the airflow over critical part... however Antec have recently released the 1200 Gaming case, with even more LEDs (you can never have enough) end more fans, all with individual control.
    However it is a bit pricey @ $210
  2. Your question is difficult to answer for a couple reasons:

    1. you're showing 2 full tower cases, and 2 midtower cases. Do you need a full or a mid?

    2. what type of stuff will you be putting in it?

    Antec 900.....s'ok.....heavy, a bit cramped......Coolermaster 690 is much better and cheaper and almost the same, yet much lighter and more versatile.

    Xclio.......meh......more gimmick than functional, but again a bit cramped.

    Original Armor........very nice but a bit outdated in the features department, and the front "doors" are a pain in the A$$ because they will end up squeaking and driving you nuts.

    Newer Armor........better, kinda "bulgy" for aesthetics, but has some very good features though it contains more plastics this time around as well. need to decide if you need a midtower or fulltower. Then post your requirements (ie--I need watercooling, or alot of drive bays, or a sexy PIMP window, or whatever).............then it'll be alot easier to recommend a case.
  3. It doesn't matter if the case has a 300mm side fan as long as the air flow isn't balanced. In such a case, the other fans should be exhausts. My CM690 cools better than my previous one with a 25cm side fan.
  4. You got a 690? Good call! Far better than the Antec 900, love the features, great styling....and frickin cheap too!
  5. well right now i like Antec 1200 and Thermaltake Armor Series VA8003BWS - the most....but i can get the TT armor for $120...The Antec 1200 is $210....huge % premium (>.< ) ...only if it was like $150..

    - i def. want a full tower...i like the room for air flow.
  6. Yep, I have had the 690 for months. The case has a bottom intake which is the most important of the case cooling, I think. Too bad my rebate check never came.
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