Add a HD3870X2 for CrossfireX or wait?

I am not rich but I only have this one obsession to spend money on. I started playing Age of Conan which is pretty awesome but my HD3870 Crossfire setup still chokes on the highest settings.

Has anyone tried using an HD3870X2 with a HD370 for a tri GPU CrossfireX setup, and if so is it worth it? Or maybe would anyone want to talk me off the edge and just waiting for the new cards to come out in a few months.

I want super silky crazy settings at 1650 but instead I'm getting a choppy 30fps with some features turned off.
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  1. CrossfireX is like Quad sli,a crap shoot at best,sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. If you want silky smooth then wait for the next gen cards to arrive in what.....2-3weeks?
  2. Oh I thought it was more like 6 more months. I can sit tight then, another few weeks is nothing. I usually don't believe in waiting for tech unless I know for sure that its right around the bend.
  3. I'll BUY one of those off you when you upgrade man!! ;)
  4. ^So will i !
    how much you think you will sell them for?
  5. Not too much under what I payed for them. :\
  6. Like others said, just wait.

    Actually, the best thing to do is wait until there is a game that actually requires this amount of power. I'm sure you have managed to play through crysis with good details on your 3870 x2, so unless you're a big fan of crysis multiplayer I don't think you should buy anything for a while yet. Even with Age of Conan's requirements it might still be worth waiting for price reductions and more user reviews.

    New graphics cards really have a lot going for them in terms of technology but there really isn't that many games out right now that take advantage of super high end hardware. Until we see titles like Stalker: Clear Sky and Fallout 3 that might actually put a larger demand on gpu power it might be worth waiting for a price drop if nothing else.

    I'm running 8800 GT SLI and I really think that the only title putting my config through its paces is Crysis and even that is more than playable really.

    edit: one small note, if you're running an a super large display than a g200 nvidia or 4800 series ATI config of some kind might really be worth it, but we'll have to wait and see yet.
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