Need help overclocking E8400!

Hi guys, i've never done any ram or CPU overclocking be4, i've only done overclocking for graphics cards, so i'm very new on this, i hope u guys can help me out. The only thing i know about overclocking CPU is that you can alter the FSB frequency, the multiplier, and Dram timing control, and also changing the CPU voltage. As for the ram, i'm not so sure.

Anyway, here is my setup:

Asus HD4870
Asus P5Q motherboard
Apacer 2X 2GB DDR2-800 PC2-6400
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 CPU 3.00Ghz
Acbel iPower 650W PSU

I've already read guides from this forum and done Google searches, but they don't really work for me because either the motherboard is different than mine, or the CPU is different, or that some guides have too many terminologies and i just can't understand them at all. All i want is simple intructions, or even better, just figures or settings so that i just have to edit and apply it.

I want to OC my CPU from 3.00Ghz (stock) to 3.5Ghz which should be pretty easy coz i know the E8400 can be OCed to 4.00Ghz.

Here's the settings i've altered currently:

FSB Strap to North Bridge: 333mhz
Dram Timing Control: 5-5-5-18
FSB frequency: 400mhz
Dram frequency: 961mhz
CPU Voltage: 1.3V
CPU Multiplier: 9 (max)

I'm not sure if that setting is good or not, i booted my PC fine and didn't get any bluescreens or lockups or crashes, i haven't done any stress tests yet but i checked CPU-Z and now my CPU is at 3.6Ghz so i think i've done it?

But as for the Dram frequency, i've read in a few guides that the recommended frequency should be set to 1067mhz, and that's if you are setting your FSB frequency to 400mhz to 433mhz.

The thing is, i only get these options:

DDR2 - 801mhz
DDR2 - 961mhz
DDR2 - 1280mhz

so i'm i chose 961mhz. I'm not sure if that's safe or not, as in if it's a stable setting.

Anyway, please give me some suggestions, thanks.
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  1. Well "safe" is a question of voltages and temperatures. You mention the voltage but not the temperatures. You should check the stickies at the top of this forum to see how your voltage compares with max. You should also run some extended stress tests with prime95 and monitor temperatures with coretemp or realtemp. This will also tell you if your system likes the overclocking otherwise it will crash or have errors during the stress test. You didn't mention what cpu cooler you have but you will need a good aftermarket cooler for overclocking.
  2. Ok thanks i'll give those stress tests a go, but other than that, is there anything else i need to change? So are all my settings acceptable?

    As for the CPU cooler, i'm planning on buying ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro, but currently i'm using the stock one (Intel), dunno the exact model though.

    Or can someone recommend a good CPU cooler too? Thanks
  3. is that just the P5Q motherboard? I hear at Anand That motherboard dose not like to overclock like the P5Q-Delux on up. I mean it dose not have all of those options.
  4. ya just the P5Q motherboard. What do u mean it doesn't have all of those options? Like what? I can set pretty much all the important settings to overclock, the ones i've mentioned i've done that is.
  5. Well the P5Q is not really an overclocker's motherboard.
  6. FSB Strap to North Bridge: 333mhz Change to 400
    Dram Timing Control: 5-5-5-18
    FSB frequency: 400mhz
    Dram frequency: 961mhz change to 800
    CPU Voltage: 1.3V
    CPU Multiplier: 9 (max)
  7. thx Roadrunner197069!! That's the exact thing i want, just settings itself. Thx a lot, i'll try it out.
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