Pulled the plug - Bought SSD, Question

Bought - Patriot Torqx PFZ128GS25SSDR last night, should get it by Friday

This will go in a Toshiba satellite laptop, A305-S6905. 3 gigs of Ram installed, also ordered 2 x2 gigs to up it to 4 gigs. As this laptop uses shared memory for Video will stay with 32 Bit for the time being. Currently using Win 7 32 Bit RC
Not the performance King (Intel X25-M C2). But bigger than the 80 Gig and $100 bucks cheaper than the 160 Gig. Picked Patriot Torqx over OCZ Vortex do too Newegg reviews, also liked the 10 yr warranty.

(1) Is there any value to Partition it? C All but say 5/6 Gigs for programs/operating system and 5/6 gigs for the Swap file.
(2) Does Win 7 RC perform a partition alignment AUTOMATICLY, or do I need to specify a sector Offset
(3) Any other comments regarding the setting up would be appreciated. Already aware of turning off various Disk services.

Good overview of partition Alignment

Side comment on Intel X25M C2
Aug 11 extract from Computerworld
"IDG News Service - Intel Corp. today said it had resumed shipping its latest consumer solid-state drives (SSDs) after resolving a password bug that made the drives inoperable, making it impossible to access or retrieve data"
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  1. You wouldn't see any benefit from partitioning, and Win7 should handle all of the alignment and everything.
  2. Thanks cjl, Kind of thought so. The link indicated that win 7 took care of it. After I get it setup, I'll run Diskpar.exe to verify alignment.
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