Does a Core 2 Duo make things faster in this specific case?

I was trying to remove 100's of unwanted entires found in the windows registry using AVG.

My system was so slow performing the task

My System load was found using the software "CPU and RAM Meter".... its has been consistently good

RAM Usage: 26%
CPU Usage: 6% to 17%

RAM: 2 GB @ 667 MHz. Corsair.
CPU: Pentium 4 - 631. 3 GHz. With HT.

I was wondering, even though there is 74% of RAm that can be used, 83% of CPU that can be used, why does the computer use only a part of the resources.

Is there any use if I upgrade to a Core 2 Duo or Quad. Not that I am going to, but wanted to know the theory.

Other SPECS:

Hard disks: 2 of them. Both are SAMSUNG SATA 7200 RPM
PSU: Cooler Master 600W
GPU: Nvidia 7300 GS
Mother Borad: Intel 945 GCNL


OS:Windows XP
Programs Run:
Advnaced Windows Care - for cleaning the registry
Windows Defragmenter

Hard Disk 1: 90% free
Hard Disk 2: 5% free
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  1. AVG is scanning the HDD. The only resource it uses a lot, is your HDD.
    If you want it to go faster, you need to defrag your drive, and or use less of the drive.
    HDD drives are funny. The fuller they get, the slower they get. I try to never have more than 25% of a drive filled. That usually keeps the speed up.
  2. i agree with endyen on the defrag heres a good free one .i use it all the time.
  3. having reread your post it seems to me that you might have programs running in the back ground.

    you might want to check your task manager and see whats running.your rig should not be running so slow.

    there are a lot of good online scanners that you could use.

    click on the green button on the left

    heres another one for you to try

    both of these are easy and wont do damage to your rig .i would try these be for you look any were else.

    i dont think from what you said that its a hard ware problem
  4. Thanks a lot friends.
  5. the registry is something that should be left alone, as for those incorrect entry's - no need to worry.

    a Core2 series cpu regardless will make things a whole lot quicker, but is still somewhat limited by the hdd

    as for the resource usage - load of bs, the % means nothing as windows reserves resources and so on - hard to tell what its actually taking and leaving etc ready for apps.
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