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Man...I am running out of space..

Hello everyone.
I am thinking of buying a new HDD since I need more space, and I have read the benchmark results from the new seagate 7200.12 series. After seeing them, I kinda interested to buy one.
I have also searched a little about the problem with the 7200.11 firmware issues (I have 2 of these but I am lucky, none of them are broken yet). I have seen in many articles that 7200.12 doesn't have this problem, but I just wanna make sure before I buy one.

So...has someone/anyone ever experienced any problem with 7200.12 especially concerning the firmware issue like 7200.11?

Wow.....beginning of last year a Seagate 7200.11 500GB and later a Seagate 7200.11 1TB...3 months ago a hitachi 500GB am craving for more and more space...
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  1. Well personally I haven't had problems with the 7200.12. Given what people say about Seagate and Western Digital, I'd suggest you pick a drive from the latter brand.

    You can also consider archiving older files on DVDs or on an external hard drive.
  2. My 7200.12 is alive and kicking, though I have only had it for a month. My 7200.11 was rma'd due to bad sectors and not the common issue with the .11's.
  3. Thank you everyone.
    I think it is good to go...I'll buy it first thing tomorrow soon as the stores are open of course....:)

    @r_manic : I bought all of those hardrives actually to avoid having mountains of cds and dvds at home....those film and tv series collections of mine will take the blame for taking so much external hdd..1 TB from is almost full...I guess I need one of those too... :)

    @manotanoobie : yup...I too own 2 of them...still no problem at all...I bought them last year...perhaps I am just lucky... :)
  4. I've used Seagate drives w/o a problem for years...
    until now.

    Since October of last year, I've had 5 Barracuda drives fail. Of the replacement drives, 3 of them failed.

    I'll admit - I'm hard on my drives - running 24x7 - but I think I'm switching back to Western Digital for now.
  5. and i've had 9 of the 500gig seagate 7200.12's in operation now for 10 monthes.. none have gone bad.

    on another note I have had 2 hitachi's go bad , and 1 wd over last 5 years..
    out of about 35 disks.
  6. Hmmm...if you guys put things that way...
    It is hard to tell which brand is can find always defect products/production..only this 7200.11 is worrying me because it is caused not by the defect production process but from the firmware a.k.a mistakes during designing phase...the other issues...they don't have my concern..
    What can you say about mass production goods? you will find problems on every brands...
    BTW : 7200.12 seems OK until now (although still less than a month)
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