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hi, I just wanted to know which graphics card cooler is better:Arctic Cooling Accelero TWIN TURBO or the Accelero S1 Rev2 (with the fans)??

or even if there is something better than both of them also, i would consider it.. i would also consider water cooling if the price is right and the ability to add a 2nd card for a crossfire setup would be perfect as i am considering it.

btw I have a Gigabyte HD 4850 1GB GV-R485OC-1GH

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  1. The stock cooler is a decent heatpipe cooler -- what issues are you having with it?
  2. no issues until i overclock, but i just want a better cooler for everything because my room gets very hot which means things inside my comp starts to cook up and the temps get a bit iffy, call it obsessive but i just don't like high temps, whether or not they are still ok..
    also i just got the 2nd card and it was the one with the passive cooler on it and my original one was the one with the fan, looks a bit odd..
    maybe these arn't big deals to you but its just de way i am..

  3. the new card (with the passive cooler) is getting very hot, any suggestions for vga coolers that are ok with crossfire setups?
  4. i recently ordered EK Radeon HD4850 VGA Liquid Cooling Block - Acetal (EK-FC4850 CF Acetal) this bought from this website, my temps are idle 28ish on load max 35-37, however i dont remember the clocks since i am at work now..
    Great cooler u can find a photo of my system at this link
  5. WC those GPU's will set you back about $70 each card, and $70 for the pump, $50 for the rad, and ohh $25 for the resivoiur, then tubing clamps fittings about $50.

    Low noise but no reduced room heat, it has to go somewhere.

    You could cool one card for under $200 and quality stuff. $300 you could do a CPU and GPU usually with a decent setup, be tight though.
  6. ay - you might be having an issue with *case* airflow rather than specific chip cooling. Try running with the side off the case and see if that helps. If so, it means you need to boost your through-case airflow (which is NOT simply adding more fans).
  7. airflow is fine, side on and off does not matter, the side of the case has a 110cfm fan directly over the graphic card, 2 front fans 1 top 1 side 1 rear, antec 300's have a cable management area on the right side so everything is neat and tidy..
    its very cold in my room atm and the comp has been on for about 10mins and all ready the heatsink is too hot to keep a finger on..even the fins that pop out the rear of the case are very hot..
    it ok ill figure it out my self
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