Anybody have any idea how much wattage fan headers can deliver?

I've seen it suggested that a 4 WA fan would burn the circuitry. How about 2.5 WA (around 0.20 A for those counting at home)? Any experiences (positive / negative) with plugging higher powered S-Flexes in the mobo headers? Or should I just use the 4-pin from the PSU?
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  1. TOTALLY dependant on your board mine can do 6 amps, but it's new, the manual really should list them, if not, use the 4pins
    and be safe.
  2. Rampage Formula. Where did you get the specs? They weren't in the online manual. Or else I missed it...
  3. Royalcrown, your new .sig is funny (I remember the thread where you got it). It meshes well with mine, don't you think?
  4. Finally found it. It is indeed in the manual, but hard as s$%t to find in the .PDF. It's easier on paper.

    Anyway, all headers collectively are rated for 41.76 WA, so that's a generous allowance. Even 8 4 WA Panaflos will not exceed it.

    Rock on.
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