LG GGC H20L w/Windows 7 Not playing Blu-Ray

I have the LG GGC H20L blu ray player and it is not working properly under Windows 7 RC (64 bit). It plays DVD and CD discs fine, but no Blu-Ray. I've tried several players and updated the display drivers and the PowerDVD test application claims it should work but no luck. I have not yet found an LG driver that explicitly says it is for Windows 7 yet (32 or 64 bit) so wondering if that's my problem - anyone else having luck with this drive under Windows 7?
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  1. Did the drive recognise there's a disk in it? i.e. accessible from 'Computer'
    And which version of PowerDVD did you use?
  2. It did recognize it actually - I could see the title on both the explorer and in the player. I was using the newest trial version of powerdvd - but also tried the older, full version that came with it and a few other players I've since downloaded. It says "Loading.." in the players (or equivalent spinny-icon metaphor) and just sits there.
  3. I have the same problem ive a Dell XPS m1730 , been using Windows 7 x86 for about 6 months everything fine , apart from the Blu Ray , tried CyberDVD , PowerDVD , Sony Vagas Pro 9 , All Full Verisons , Tried Every Driver Known to MAN ! after 6 months ive give Up ! Did u manage to get anywhere ?? would be keen to know . Many Thanks

  4. Had to reboot into Win 7 RC to check. Have the H20L. Had not loaded player software, so loaded cyberlink PowerDVD ver 7 - let it do its thing - needs an update for blu-ray. Tryed Cruel World, played no problem. Also tried the m2ts file from 10000BC and that also played.
  5. I have the same problem with Windows 7 x64. The drive works fine as a dvd player but with no support for bluray or hd disks. Am using the YL05 firmware.
  6. I have just seen your problem which is maine as weel. After 6 months, have you solved it?
  7. After loading some updates from Microsoft and Cyberlink suddenly i can't play Blue-Ray. HD-DVD also stop playing as well.

    Blue-Ray Disc Access (Firm Ware YL05):

    I fix it by getting an update on the drive firmware to YL05:

    Read the HD-DVD item before updating your firmware. If you don't play HD-DVD disc then its not an issue.

    HD-DVD Disc Stop Playing:

    GGW-H20L is a Blue-Ray Burner and HD-DVD ROM. I never had issues before playing Blue Ray and HD-DVD. Cyberlink stop supporting HD-DVD and PowerDVD-9 dont support HD-DVD.

    For reason's i don't know at this stage my pc with PowerDVD7.3(Ultra Full Version) Stop playing HD-DVD disc. Back dating my Video Driver and OS (Vista) won't fix it.

    I'm in the process of resolving this issue with Cyberlink tech support. The process is very slow like 2 days cycle( Question & Response).

    Somehow late last year i enabled the auto-firmware update of my GGW-H20L and after that i started having issues with HD-DVD disc.

    I want to get back to YL02 or lower drive firmware to confirm if my problem is related to the new firmware. LG site only provides YL03 which has issues reading Blue-ray disc. I'm in the process of swapping mails with LG tech support to release me older version of the bios.

    If you don't care about HD-DVD try firmware YL05 and that should fix Blue-ray disc read issues.

    If somebody has copy of the older firmware for this drive please let me know. I need a copy to confirm my hunch.

    I will provide an update on this once i got something concrete from Cyberlink and LG. I tried different versions of CCC just to check if this is driver related and the result to date is negative. I check 9.9 to 10.1 and the problem remains.

    Current status: Blue Ray plays, HD-DVD disc can be read but PowerDVD7.3 Ultra won't play the movie.

    Check my configuration for HW/SW Information.
  8. Disable LG-Auto firmware update. Be careful before changing your drive firmware. If everything works leave it alone.
  9. Update on Playing Blue-Ray / HD-DVD with PowerDVD 2/3/2010

    For about 1.5 weeks i swap information with Cyberlink techsupport(online/email).

    At least for my case its not LG-Related problem. My LG drive is on YL05 which is the latest firmware.

    Today i can play Blue-Ray and HD-DVD again on my drive.

    What was done (w/ cyberlink tech support)

    1) They requested DxDiag test results. They sent me a diagnostic software and i sent back the results.

    2) I was instructed to clean up the PowerDVD installation on the computer(All of it)
    - I use the PowerDVD Un-install progeam
    - Remove Folders
    - Remove Register Entry
    - Remove User profile

    3) Cyberlink sent me a new software copy (full version) of PowerDVD w/ a new activation keys.

    4) I install it...It run HD-DVD movie & Blue-Ray

    Things to be done:

    1) My PowerDVD dont' have the latest update yet. But its fully functional. I will load the updates tonight.
    2) I'm CCC 9.12... No plans to go to 10.1 due to issues when i tried it. I will wait for 10.2


    Work with Cyberlink online tech support. Its slow but it will fix your problem. This was the case when i first installed my PowerDVD Ultra 7.3(full version) 2 years ago. Same case today. Its slow but they will fix your issues.

    My assessment is Cyberlink's direction to abandon HD-DVD support on the PowerDVD9 has created some glitches on even the older vervsions that support HD-DVD. So when i load th software from my original installation disc then load the update from cyberlink website HD-DVD stop working.

    With the new copy cyberlink sent me Blue-Ray, HD-DVD, DVD work just fine.
  10. Update on Playing Blue-Ray/HD-DVD on LG GGW-H20L , PowerDVD 7.3 Ultra

    1) Cyberlink sent a full version of PowerDVD Ultra 7.3 version 3730. Without any update this software run HD-DVD disc and Blue Ray disc(But not all BD Disc). Most of the new release just hang the software and don't play at all. I have to kill the process using the TASK Manager.

    2) Part of the instruction from Cyberlink is to install the latest update 5711 from its website. After installing the upgrade 5711:
    - HD-DVD disc stop playing. PowerDVD7.3 version 5711 just stop working(it quits on its own) when i try to play HD-DVD. The process goes away and its not even reflected on the TASK MANAGER.
    - With 5711 update all BLUE-RAY DISC play. No issue whatsoever.

    I submitted another follow up request to cyberlink tech support to address this issue. I did a little bit of surfing and this problem is common everywhere to all users of PowerDVD 7, LG GGW-H20L with Windows Vista and W7.

    I have seen recommendation to use AnyDVD for HD-DVD or Blue-Ray. I have no experience or info on AnyDVD. May be others can provide inputs on this.

    My current assessment to the problem is the same. This is a Cyberlink PowerDVD related problem. Its not related to LG drives or OS.

    Just to clarify again in the last 2 years i didn't have any issue or problem playing Blue-Ray or HD-DVD. Something has change from the updates of Cyberlink PowerDVD. It is also worth while to take note that Cyberlink is phasing out support for HD-DVD format.

    I will update this post as i get a response from Cyberlink.
  11. I installed a trial version of Arcsoft Total Media Theatre....Both HD-DVD and Blue Ray Disc play without issues.

    This confirm that the problem is not LG-Drive, Not Vista or W7, Not video Card Driver. This problem exist even on my other PC using GTX-280.

    It's Cyberlink PowerDVD Patch. I expect the response from Cyberlink tech support today.
  12. I got the response from Cyberlink. Cyberlink sent me another patch or update.

    I can now play both Blue Ray Disc and HD-DVD on my LG GGW-H20L.

    To conclude: The issue is Cyberlink software related...Video card and video card driver has nothing to do with the problem.

    The irony is the long process of getting things resolved. It took ~ 2 weeks.
  13. Hi Leon2006,

    What is the patch version number that resolved this? Cyberlink's last two patches seem to have killed HD-DVD for me.

    I have the same LG drive and the PowerDVD V7.3 that came with it. My HP PC also came with an HD-DVD drive and HP HD-DVD Play (also by Cyberlink) and the latest patches killed that as well, but I am able to install the original version and once again play HD-DVDs. It attempts to force the upgrade process, so I allowed it to upgrade again after I got it working, and it killed HD-DVD the second time, too, so I have confirmed that it is the Cyberlink patches that are breaking HD-DVD. I've re-installed the old version and I'm now forced to bypass the "update" dialog each time I use the HP HD-DVD Play software, but at least it keeps playing HD-DVD's.

    Because I have the LG combo drive, I'm using PowerDVD 7.3 to play Blu-ray movies, and it is forcing the upgrade with no chance to bypass (and I need the upgrades to play the newer Blu movies, anyway.) This is breaking HD-DVD within PowerDVD, so if you can tell me the version of the patch level that works for you I will request it from Cyberlink, as it is annoying to have to keep switching to the old program to play HD-DVDs (and if I don't bypass the upgrade correctly, I have to re-install the second again! What an annoying program!!)

  14. Bgillander

    Cyberlink PowerDVD Game me the following:

    PowerDVD Ultra7.3 3730A... That works for HDVD (W/o any upgrade)

    To address my need for Blue-Ray Disc

    Cyberlink send me a PowerDVD Ultra

    It left me with 2 installation of PowerDVD 7.3 Ultra r3730a for HDDVD and Ultra8 for Blue Ray.

    I'm in the process of getting ArcSoft Total Media Theatre.
  15. leon2006 said:

    Cyberlink PowerDVD Game me the following:

    PowerDVD Ultra7.3 3730A... That works for HDVD (W/o any upgrade)

    To address my need for Blue-Ray Disc

    Cyberlink send me a PowerDVD Ultra

    It left me with 2 installation of PowerDVD 7.3 Ultra r3730a for HDDVD and Ultra8 for Blue Ray.

    I'm in the process of getting ArcSoft Total Media Theatre.

    Hi leon2006,

    Thanks for the response.

    I contacted them to see what they say, but your situation doesn't sound any better than my use of HP DVD-Play for HD-DVD and the current revision of PowerDVD 7.3 for Blu-ray.

    I can see Cyberlink having trouble keeping up with Blu-ray, as it is a moving target, but you would think they would be able to upgrade that fairly easily without breaking existing HD-DVD support, since nothing should be changing with HD-DVD. I just want to be able to play my old discs, and it's not like I'm getting any new ones!)

    Thanks again for your information... I'll let you know if they tell me anything different!

    I had installed the demo of Arcsoft and it played both formats okay, but SPDIF output wasn't working for me. I didn't try too hard to fix it, as I'd rather get the program I already own working, but it sounds like it might be the way to go in the future.
  16. PowerDVD killed the support on HDDVD. Thats bad considering the inventory of disc people have. I have a lot that i purchased for ~$3 to $5 each. I'm building Blue Ray inventory too.

    ArcSoft direction seems to be better as both run consistently. I'll update this post once i got my copy and play with it.
  17. guys im having a major problem today.

    I tried to play a LOST blu ray today (season 6 disc 4 region A bought from america) and it wont play on any media player..power dvd 8, power dvd 10 and power dvd 11 and also arcsoft total media theatre 3

    I have tried other discs from the collection those work fine. Its just this disc

    when i load up the disc it shows in windows explorer. But black screen when i hit play. Then i try going to the title menu it will give all the disclaimer notices and ABC logo but then blank screen!

    this is frustrating I cant get this to play!!

    i use ANYDVD HD and also tried ripping the disc and loading an image..when i do that any dvd crashes

    please help
  18. paulant said:
    I have the same problem with Windows 7 x64. The drive works fine as a dvd player but with no support for bluray or hd disks. Am using the YL05 firmware.

    MY pc does not play cd or dvd .that means when i insert cd or dvd there is automatic message ,that is about select burn data and it read cd as empity.
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