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I'm using Windows XP Pro SP3. I need to run a program in compatibility mode, but if I open the properties window of an executable, there's no compatibility tab. It's not a problem with any one particular executable, it's all of them. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about:


There's supposed to be a compatibility tab in the properties window right? Is it disabled or something?
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  1. It's usually not there in 32 bit executable applications. Find an old 16 bit program and see if it appears then.
  2. I can't see compatibility mode on any program including 16bit applications. I'm trying to fix a problem with a specific program by running it in compatibility mode, because other people have reported that their problems have been solved by running it in compatibility mode. Since other people are using this method, I'm reasonably certain I should be able to see the compatibility tab.
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