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My 5 month old LaCie 2 Big Quadra has failed. I CANNOT seem to reach LaCie. They do not respond to email, nor do they have any phone support, nor do they even send my password for my account back to me. ABSOLUTELY no way to reach them. Should I just pack this thing up and mail it off to Oregon? What if they dont get back to me then? Who are they? Why will they not return any of my messages? Why is there no Phone number anywhere? I had one given to me by the people at Adobe, but it was disconnected.Please advise. Thanks,
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  1. That's very weird. Have you tried contacting the retailer where you bought the drive? If nothing happens on their end, you can always file a case with the BBB. Exhaust all possible options first though.
  2. I'm having similar issues with a number of companies...
    At a guess I'd say most have cut staffing levels as far as they can to save money, then the August vacation season hit...
  3. If you send an item to any company without an RMA you will get nothing. They receive a unauthorized return and basically trash it.

    At least call their main office and ask some questions.
  5. easy go on website and follow the process. they answer very quickly.
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