MSI K9N2 Diamond 3 way SLI, PCI-E 2.0 x16

I posted this on the General Motherboard forum, but I thought I would post here as well.

I recently purchased this MB with the AM2+ socket. I have read on newegg that some people have had issues with this board making it go SLI. I also have heard in person from my computer tech that this board has some issues with the gForce 9800 series vid cards. I am in the last stages of getting the componets of my gaming computer together and i want to be sure to get somethig that I know won't be an issue from the start up. I also can wait on purchasing multiple cards for SLI for now, but will be going that direction soon and as money allows. I have looked through the threads and really didn't find anything along this nature of a querry.

This is what I got so far for the build:
Power Supply : Ultra X3 1000w modular
CPU : AM2 AMD 6000+ 3.2 gig w/ a Zalman 9700 CPU fan
Ram : 1 gig 800 mhz of OCS SLI x4 (4 gig total)
Hard Drive : 150 gig WD Raptor 10,000 rpm - the plan is to use this for the OS only but may change my mind(may get one more)

Need to get:
Case - Looking at the Antac 900
Vid Card - Looking at the best I can get for about $300 +/-
CD/DVD - Need to get this but they are cheap
Hard Drive - May get the 300 gig Raptor for more storage (for games)

The primary usage will be for gaming. Some web surfing.
Any advice or knowledge shared will be highly praised. Sorry if this is not in the proper thread. I did look, but since there is overlapping of questions/issues I picked the Motherbard Forums as this is kinda the root of the question.
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  1. Not a bad board. I don't know if you've seen the benchmarks of 3-way SLI, they seem to suggest dual SLI is the way to go. 2x gives the highest boost. 3x is a bit more than 2x, not enough to justify the price. GTX 260 is $300 after price cut.
  2. Yes I did see the BMs on the board. I planned on going 2-way SLI so that I would be able to the full usage of both cards. I could not see the benefit by going 3x and the price of the 3rd card compared to the return. From what I understand, 3x is not that much better, and if so, it wouldn't be worth the price. Now I understand that if I went with 2x 9800gtx it would perform better if not as good as the gtx260/280's I looked at the core clocks out there for the gtx260 and notcied that they don't go as high as the 9800gtx, but I also understand that the number of pipelines is doubled. don't know enough on how this works. But agian there is the price difference. The 9800gtx is, from what I have read about, a very good card and is not that far down the line from the top cards out there.

    And thank you for the response on this. I am beginning to feel bettter on my purchase. I really want this build to go well with no flaws. Such as bad dimm sockets, bad ram sticks, bad psu, bad cpu... makes a guy go crazy! lol
  3. Here is an update on my final build and the componets used. They changed slightly due to product knowledge and reviews that I read.

    Power Supply : Ultra X3 1000w modular.
    CPU : AM2 AMD 6000+ 3.2 gig w/ a Zalman 9700 CPU fan.
    Ram : 1 gig 800 mhz of OCZ SLI x4 (4 gig total).
    Hard Drive : 150 gig WD Raptor 10,000 rpm - the plan is to use this for the OS only but may change my mind(may get one more). Aslo have regular 250 gig WD SATA drvie.
    Case : Antac 1200
    Vid Card : XFX GTX260
    CD/DVD : LiteOn IDE drive. Salvaged from my old machine.

    Everything POSTed right from the start. The case was the best that I had to work with. Lots of room. Lots of air flow. Had no issues with the vid card installation.

    I do have one question though. My keyboard (Logiech G15 - w/ flipup LCD and 18 macro keys) has a performance monitor on it. When I was playing World of Warcraft, I saw that my CPU usage jumped up to almot 80%. this has me a bit befuddled. My previous machine which also was an MSI AMD board, didn't show this much usage percentage before. Do I need to "tweek" the CPU to use the dual core properities with the MSI utility disk or is there something I can change in the BIOS. I have not changed anything from the settings other than not showing the full logo display on startup.

    Another question I have on the BIOS is what latency do I need to set the VGA Latency to? Currently its set at 96. If I go lower will it improve my video performance? Or will it help my CPU performance or both?
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