Nvidia Install causes driver issue on DVD drives?!

Just installed a Nvidia graphics card on our older Asus a7v333 raid board. The moment we did both the DVD drive & the CD burner stopped working.
Device manager indicates exclamation point, so I tried to update/re-install the driver but I get the message that no better driver is available?!
I took a completely different cd-rom, unistalled the current drives & went thru properly installing the CD-rom to no avail. All Connections are properly done and RAID is not active. Simple master/slave on ID1 for both hard drives and Simple master/slave DVD/CD burner on ID2

Asus a7v333 REV. 1.01
PNY geforce 6200 AGP
512 Ram

Any suggestions appreciated
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  1. Do you want RAID?

    Regardless, uninstall all nvidia drivers, restart pc, reinstall all but SW IDE when asked. Use Microsoft's instead.
  2. Thanks for the response. I am still confused

    The disk could not run to install nvidia at the time since the the CD-roms were not working, here are the original steps.

    1.Inserted the Nvidia card in to desktop PC
    2. Booted card, tried to install but since the direction say bypass the prompt to install then run disk, I stopped it from installing thru windows
    3.cd-roms + card has exclamation point.
    4. load the install disk on my laptop & install software using the network
    5. successful install of card. CD-rom still don't work.
    6. Cannot update drivers from within device managers to replace cd-rom drivers

    What are the SW ide drivers & how do I selectively do this?

  3. You can uninstall nvidia drivers, you'll see a list of their installed drivers, select SW IDE to uninstall only this one.
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