Updating GPU and CPU - best pairing?

Hi all,

I had a thread a few weeks ago about updating graphics cards, at this point I can't play anything because of artifacting (4400 3d mark 06 ;-/). I am going to go with a 512 g92 8800gts. Currently I am running xp pro w/ a 3800+ - 2GB ram. I want it for DX10 eventually and would like to go back and play games such as Crysis, Bioshock and WiC which I currently can't due to artifacting and lag.

What would be your recommendations for the processor update? I am looking towards a 5400+ and maybe overclocking it to the 6000+ speeds.

Any input or if anyone knows any deals on a good 8800gts I would appreciate it! Thanks to all for all the help and such a warm welcome!

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  1. Anyone please? :) I would like to order this tomorrow to have this ASAP. Right now I can't play anything and the g/f of 3 years just broke up with me so I need something to look forward to and get my mind off things. Gonna go crazy otherwise! :)
  2. We're shooting in the dark unless you post your entire specs.

    GTS512 is decent, but not at overly large resolution. In that case, HD3870X2 or better yet 9800GX2. Again, we don't know your specs & what you're upgrading from.
  3. intel e21xx/amd x2 = ati3850
    e4xxx/amd x2 5000/phenom x4= gf 9600gt/ati 3870
    x6xxx(dual)/amd phenom x4= 8800gt
    any intel quad core = any dual core video cards/geforce 9800gtx
  4. Full spec's

    antec earthwatts 430psu
    Epox EP-MF4 ultra MOBO
    160gb sata drive
    120gb IDE back up drive
    2GB DDR800 crucial RAM
    3800+ AM2
    7900GT VC

    I'd like to update the 3800+ AM2 along with the video card. I play on a HYUNDAI L90D+ (one of the first 8ms LCD's) :P so resolution tops out around 12xx by 10xx so that won't be an issue.
  5. The 8800gts-512 is a good value, and should be a good upgrade. Look for one from EVGA so you preserve your option to upgrade if a better deal should appear in the next 90 days.

    Start the performance monitor, and look at the cpu utilization history while gaming. If typical usage is <65%, then your cpu is sufficient. If it is >85% then a cpu upgrade is in order.

    DDr2 800 ram is so cheap these days that going to 4gb could be good.
  6. Wow, I didn't even see how cheap RAM is at the moment. Would you recommend 2 - 2GB kits or one 4gb kit?

    The reason I ask is I currently have a 1GB - 1GB configuration, shoud I get another of the same set or just replace them with one 2GB-2GB configuration.

    Maybe I'll just start out with the vid card first and go from there. :) thank you so much.

  7. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814133215

    That is the GTS I am looking at getting, I'll do the CPU utilization check and depending on what you recommend for the RAM I'll go from there.

  8. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130337
    its a nice card but i trust EVEGA more. Is jut bit more.
  9. snajper69 said:
    its a nice card but i trust EVEGA more. Is jut bit more.

    $229.99 is far more than $169.99 for the same thing. Nvidia makes and sells gpu to those "manufacturers," which has to use the same gpu on the same board layout. In some cases, the cards are assembled by third party subcontractors, which means it's literally a matter of putting on different stickers. Besides, why do you need Lifetime Warranty? The 3 year warranty is fine. It's not like you're keeping it for life.
  10. For 4gb, a kit of 2x2gb is best. Less power is needed for two sticks vs. four. If upgrading, get the EXACT same memory if you can. On some motherboards, slight mismatches can cause problems. Even the same ram can differ in makeup from different batches.
  11. http://www.epox.com/usa/product.asp?id=EP-MF4ULTRA

    Kinda old board, but the latest bios may support Black. Ask around for 5000+ Black support on that board. That would be the best cpu upgrade.
  12. High powered videocard on a 430 watt PSU? Asking for trouble in my opinion.

    Maybe think of upgrading that to at least a quality 550w model if you will be putting a GTS in there.
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