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I need to get a storage solution for video and photos. There will be a large number of users and each user must only have access to their files. I had a couple of ideas and would welcome anyone elses ideas:
Idea 1: Use an NAS drive. However, what sort of file permissions are there on an NAS drive and can an NAS drive handle multiple users accessing the drive simultaneously?
Idea 2: User stores their files on usb hard drives and then, every week or so, plug those hard drives into a storage computer to save all of the files. However, how many drives can a computer plugged into it at once? Either in Linux or in windows?
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    Look at NAS servers such as those produces by Synology, Qnap or Thecus etc..

    These allow you to setup hundreds of user accounts (or integrate into Windows Active Directory) and individually protected files shares and also allow from 10s to low 100s of users to connect at the same time depending on the server model and the amount of concurrent traffic.
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