graphic card or mother board? what is wrong??

Hi ,

I'm new around here and I have a strange problem with my pc that maybe you can help me figure it out.

I have a 1.5 years old pc :) with Core 2 Dou E6400 Proccesor
MSI mother board (I don't remember the series).
1024MB 800Mhz DDR2 OEC
Inno3d geforce 7300 GS Pci-e
250W power supply

The problem goes like this.
Sometimes when I'm using the Explorer windows (my computer and surfing the net) I see a strange vertical yellow line which is always next to my cursor , it moves with the cursor and I can see it when the cursor is above white color area.. I can see it above more colors but less than white color area.

If I'm opening the browser or entering a game , the monitor will turn black , the led will turn orange which indicates "no signal" , and if I will try to reboot the computer manually some of the letters will become
Franch-like instead of English (bevofe getting into windows logo) and see a lot of strange things
when the Xp logo shows on you might think everything is ok but its not , before it login and show the Login Screen its become black again and the monitor's led turns orange which indicates no signal .
I can get out of this loop by doing one of 2 things :
1. installing the driver again . ( must be downloaded from Inno3d and not from Nvidia website)
2. let the computer rest in peace for a few min and turn it on again.

By the way I searched the Event Viewer and found no errors that relate to this phenomena.
I just don't know if its the power supply, graphic card or motherboard problem.
on the one hand , it can be a overheating problem .
on the other hand , the Pci-express slot can be damaged .
and it also can be the the Graphic card is broken.

Can someone please help me out with this ?

Best Regards,
Noam Hazon
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  1. You should make sure nothing is running hot. Sometimes dust clutters up in the fins of CPU/GPU coolers and heat causes them to malfunction.
    The next thing could be the power supply. If it gets hot it's efficiency drops. If you can test the computer with another one, i'd try that.
    Last but not least, it may be that your graphic card is giving up.
  2. Hi slobogob ,
    thanks for your quick reply.

    the real problem is that I don't know what is causing this phenomena which means I can't test it until it happens again.
    obviously I will get home from work and open up the case and clean everything up , I will just get some thermal cream for it .

    you don't think it might be related to the motherboard?

    Best Regards,
    Noam Hazon
  3. Quote:
    Core 2 Dou E6400 Proccesor
    MSI mother board (I don't remember the series).
    1024MB 800Mhz DDR2 OEC
    Inno3d geforce 7300 GS Pci-e
    250W power supply

    Umm, upgrade the PSU and see if you still have the problem then...
    An under powerd system will cause all of the problems you describe.
  4. Hi Outlw6669
    thanks for your reply,

    you see , I have the computer for 1.5 years, only now it started behaving like this.
    I assume that if the power supply was unable to stand and "share" the amount of electricity the card is demanding, I was bumping up with this problem from the beginning, needless to say all of this was supposed to happened when I just bought it if it was the power supply .

    am I wrong ?

    Best Regards,
    Noam Hazon
  5. Not wrong but not 100% correct either.
    As your PSU ages it's capacitors begin to lose capacity.
    This is especially true when it is being used near it's maximum output.
    As this aging occurs, your PSU's efficiency will drop along with the maximum power it can output.
    This causes your PSU to work harder to deliver power to your system.
    When the PSU works harder it heats up more and speeds up the degradation of it's capacity.
    So, it very well could have powered your system for 1.5 years and be failing now.
    I would agree with Slobogob in that you should clean all of the dust from your case.
    If your system is choked up and unable to cool itself it can also cause the problems you describe.
  6. Not always...

    The PSU may be one its way to a slow and painful death, causing the problems you have been having.

    Or it could be the graphics card, have you checked to make sure the fan still spins? I once had a card that had similar problems where one of the fan blades had broken and bent upwards, causing it to get jammed and stop moving altogether.

    I would first check the power supply though.
  7. Hi Outwl6669
    thanks for your reply

    I understand what you are saying now , I will think of buying Zalman or Thermaltake PSU with 500W .

    about the dust thing , my computer is very neat inside , I'm cleaning it often but maybe near the core it have a lot of dust or underneath the colling pipes I will clean it up today .

    thethiing , thanks for your reply .
    the fan blades are fine and the fan spins as regular .
    maybe the thermal cream underneath ran out ? is it possible ?
  8. Quote:
    the fan blades are fine and the fan spins as regular .
    maybe the thermal cream underneath ran out ? is it possible ?

    I would highly doubt that.
    Not unless you removed your heatsink and replaced it without cleaning and reapplying.
    Even then, you should still have the old stuff there, just not doing much.
    If you want to be sure, download CoreTemp and check your temps.
    If you are running extra hot, you should probably clean your heatsink and reapply some thermal goo.

    I think that an upgraded PSU would be a great decision regardless of what you find to be the problem.
    If you can afford it, I think an Antec Earthwats 380W would be an excellent choice for you.
  9. Hi MrsBytch,
    Thanks for your reply ,

    If I will go and download the drivers from Nvidia , the drivers are not up to date, if I go to inno3d drivers , I will receive a new and different driver.
    from inno3d I will 94.73
    while on Nvidia I will receive 93.73.

    and as I answered before the fan is spinning and nothing is wrong with the fan..
  10. Hi outlw6669,
    Thanks for your reply .

    I'm hope you forgive me for the illiteracy but at what temperatures the core suppose to work ?

    Noam Hazon
  11. No problem, better a stupid question asked then a stupid mistake made ;)

    You need to keep your CPU under 70C full load.
    Idle temps should be in the 30-40C range depending on case cooling and room temp.
  12. thanks outlw6669.

    I will check those things up , I will clean everything today , see if there is some heatsink and I will test it up.

    (damn... I hope its only that and not a motherboard or Graphics)
  13. The symptoms you describe are caused most likely by your Graphic card getting too hot.
    Make SURE the fan is spinning as it should, make sure the heatsink is not full of dust. Right underneath these fans is where dust collects and builds very rapidly, cloggin up the heatsink and everything else close to the fan.
    Make sure your case fans are working, including your power supply fan.
  14. Hi All'

    yesterday I cleaned everything up I even put some new thermal compound
    between the cooling pipes and the GPU .
    the Problem seemed to be over but still I put it to the test for the next 3 days .

    the temp inside my case is around 38-42 C degrees I hope is ok .
    Thank you all ,
    Best Regards,
    Noam Hazon.
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