What do you advice me to upgrade???

Hi people...

I have a system composed of:
Budget PSU 600Watt
Gigabyte 945P-S3 (rev3.3) only supporting 667MHz rams and faulty temp. mesurment !!!
CPU C2D E6420 (I don't overclock it at all)
RAM 2GB 667MHz (the highest speed I can use)
Gigabyte Geforce 880GT 512MB
Hard disc Maxtor Diamond max 11 plus (7200RPM)

I use both XP prof and Vista ultimate (both 32 bit) on drive C and D respectivly...
I mostly use my PC for Gaming the latest and hottest titles...
I have a 3DMark score of 9500 on latest DirectX and nvidia drivers...(seems alitle bit low for my system)....
I have a system score of 5.1 in vista(the lowest is the CPU)

Now What do you advice me to upgrade if I am on a medium budget ?

1-the Mainboard ? with limited memory speed support and bad temp mesuring ?
2-The CPU ? the best my board can handle is E6700 .
3-The rams ? to increase them more than 2GB ?
4-The Graphic card ? espesially I do all this for games ????

Your inputs are really appreciated...

Thanks in advance...
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  1. motherboard or psu?
  2. mrplow99 said:
    motherboard or psu?

    man...if you have something useful say it and if not please hang around else where....
  3. Hi mahanddeem, would it be possible to give a dollar amount for your budget? That would help us to be able to give you some better advice.

  4. 3 Steps, in a row:

    1. Start with the mobo and Ram.
    2. Next go for the PSU and CPU.
    3. Grab a second 8800GT for SLI.
  5. What's a medium budget?

    You could upgrade the motherboard and RAM for ~$100
    add a PSU to that and you would be ~$150
    add another 8800GT to that and you would be ~$250
  6. The first upgrade should be to 4gb. DDR2-677 is fine. C2D cpu's do not depend on fast memory. This is a cheap upgrade, about $40.

    Your 8800gt is already a very good card. To see a real boost, you should upgrade to something a couple of levels higher. Something better than the 9800GTX or 3870x2.
    There are several options like the 9800GX2, 4870, or gtx260. About $400, less the sale of your old card. I assume your psu at 600watts is good enough. What is the amps on the 12v rails?

    The cpu is a bit weak, but I would hold off and do the first two first. At the end of the year, look at nehalem processors.
    If you want to do the cpu now, look at the E8400, and an inexpensive board like the gigabyte P35-ds3l Cost is about $265.
  7. Even though I wrote it before I would advise against 2 8800GT's in SLI.

    As geofelt wrote you should go with a P35 or an even better choice for a few dollars more would be a P45 and DDR2 667 is fine but just get another 2x1gb.

    I would also advise against using a cheap PSU which is far more likely to die and take some components with it as it does, so that should be a priority.
  8. Personally my top priority if the money allowed it would be to get rid of that budget PSU, as someone who just built a computer 2months ago and had the thermaltake PSU go out when I first started it and it took the mobo out with it, I can tell you it's not fun. My second order of business would be another 2 gig's of ram.
  9. Thanks alot guys....But I'm not very confinced to build and upgrade again on my old mobo.....The most imp. thing is the mobo upgrade as I think...But I needed to know your opinions....Thanks alot
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