Trying to pick a laptop....

Ok, so i'm trying to figure out which one will be the better laptop.

Main use is general surfing, small (i mean teeny) amounts of photo editing. And gaming (mostly the sims 3)

I know i want a dedicated video card... and it seems the Sony has a not so great video card, but better maximum resolution. While the HP has lower Max Resolution, but a better video card...

Opinions welcomed along with better suggestions. I'd like to stay around 750...


HP -

Sony -
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  1. i've had great luck with asus

    i own a k3s i paid around $650-700 for and its great.
    i7, 8gb ram, gt540m gpu, 640gb hdd (upgraded hdd to 256gb ssd)

    i bought my mother an i3 version and it works great for her more limited use.

    both do not have a 1080p but its not a huge deal for us. i've even played games on mine and do not notice a huge difference.

    the sims is not a very demanding game. i'm willing to bet even integrated video cards can handle it without issue. unless you are playing ut3, farcry, crysis or other super high detail games i would say dont worry about it.

    one of the best upgrades you can do though is to download all of the drivers, buy a ssd drive and reinstall windows and the drivers onto it. manufacturers put way too much crapware on laptops which slow them down and the difference between a stock 5400rpm drive and ssd is night and day. my laptop boots up in under 9 seconds.
  2. hey yo pal go with sony oins or lenova this give you graphic option sound clarity comparing to other brands
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