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Everytime I go to hulu to watch a video, it will not load. Sometimes it will load a commercial, but the video will not load. Youtube still works fine, but streaming videos will not work. I have reset PC and unplugged internet. I have ran easy cleaner for registry clean. Still not getting Hulu to work. Can anyone help?
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  1. Have you tried several different Hulu videos? The video itself may be bad.

    Try updating adobe flash.
  2. Yes, I have. It still won't work. I have tried and other streaming videos and they either won't load or say video is unavailable.
  3. Updated Flash player, still is not working
  4. If the site says the video is unavailable, that's an issue with the hosting site.

    What browser are you using? Do you see any kind of error symbols at the bottom of your browser?

    Try resetting the browser defaults.
  5. Firefox, no I am not seeing any errors.
  6. Try downloading the Shockwave and adobe flash add-ons here.
  7. Where?
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  9. Idkthe problem was but it is working now. May have been shockwave.
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  11. Good to hear.

    Thanks for the vote :)
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