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  1. iluvgillgill said:
    and just forget about crysis at 1650.i will be dreaming if its does play!lol

    I play crysis on high at 1440x900 with an average framerate of 30-45FPS depending on location. So I'm sure at 1280x1024 he will get similar (but still lower because of the CPU) framerates.
  2. crysis is sp CPU dependant just i wish i had a 5Ghz CPU!LOL
    and its because it the amount of physics the CPU needs to process.

    POOR CPU.......lol
  3. Drop physics to low and it's ok, but you really need medium physics for Crysis to be, well, Crysis.
  4. crysis is the current graphics benchmark leader apparantly.well we will see how the GTX280 and HD4870 goes.

    im going to sleep now its 5:15am here.you go and play with your fire breathing Core 2!lol
  5. I hope the GTX or the 48xx can finally kill Crysis
  6. Forget it :lol:
  7. Ah... like are they waiting for Intel? lol
  8. I'm fed to the back teeth with Crysis.... I just played Condemned Bloodshot on PS3 last night ... after a dozen trips to the bathroom, 4 mild heart attacks and 3 hours of very disturbed sleep i realized it was more satisfying gameplay than Crysis.

    And this morning i see the review of the same game on Tom's. Creepy.
  9. what do you guys think of the 8800gs/9600gso
  10. First they are the same, though there's a 9600GSO that can be moded(or what ever word, help me) into a 8800GTS,
  11. There is one galaxy card which is basically an 8800GTS 512MB with a different BIOS such that half of its stuff is disabled. Depends if you can find that particular card though.
  12. Like they are selling a 8800GTS for like 80$ cheaper. I really got to get one!
  13. randomizer said:

    Cheater. :lol:
  14. marvelous211 said:
    Cheater. :lol:

    I only gained around 500 3dMarks for my video card OC :(
  15. randomizer said:
    I only gained around 500 3dMarks for my video card OC :(

    How can you get 10000 in vantage or was that 3dmark 2k6?
  16. 06 silly :kaola: The 9600GT isn't that much of a tank :lol:
  17. aiyayaya :na:
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