Offtopic: Does Tigerdirect refund any brand new gaming pc that I just bought 2days ago? (Deleted everything)

I got pretty much scammed by Tiger direct I was in a hurry and bought a gaming pc because the dude that worked there said "It has an i7 blablabla" and I also thought the Gfx was gtx 630 but no.. it was a gt 630 and that pc costed me 1.1k! do you think they will let me get my money back? if i trade in this pc with receipt

my mom already talked to a professional and he is willing to sell me a gtx 660 and a i5 3580k with 8gb ddr3 for 800$ is this a better offer? Please!! help~!!!! :na:
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  2. there is more to a pc then just a few key specs.

    the brand of parts does matter.

    a gtx 660 averages about $300, a hdd about $100. this leaves $400 for a case, the cpu, ram, mobo and psu in your budget pc. my guess is that they use budget parts. do they work? usually but can offer lower performance and can have more issues.

    the other pc may use better parts such as a name brand mobo, psu, ram, and hdd.

    its not uncommon to see two pcs with almost the same specs but costing $500-600 different because of the components chosen. performance will also differ.


    not sure if tiger direct takes refunds of pcs. didnt you read their fine print? i wouldnt call them scammers until you know what parts you paid for (which you should have before you bought the system)

    as far as a "professional" your mom talked to. everyone in the market will say this. assembling a pc is childs play. what actually matters is your parts selection not who assembles the system. assuming they are reputable and know what they are doing at least.
  3. Contact them and see. The important thing is that you need to read what you are getting in the invoice. If you just go by what someone told you, or you misunderstood them, no way to prove anything.

    Do some homework about systems and parts costs first. There is a system builder forum here, and also there is a builders guide that suggests parts to get for a certain budget of gaming system.
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