Thermal compound quality: AS5 vs Zalman

I posted about a week ago about getting my Zalman 9500 AT. I'd decided to get some Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste, but my heatsink/fan just arrived with a small tube of Zalman thermal paste in it. I'm having a hard time finding which is better since every site uses a different unit of measure. Please tell me if this is good and how it would compare to AS5. Thanks.

"Zalman Thermal Grease
Typical Properties
Main Material: Zinc Oxide
Thermal Conductivity: 1.2W/mk"
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  1. I'd use the Arctic Silver if you have it, though realistically, there's not likely to be a huge difference anyways.
  2. ^+1. Also take a look at MX-2.
  3. Agreement with cjl. Read this:
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