Should i bother waiting for the new video cards?

The general consensus seems to be that waiting two weeks for the new video cards to be released is a good idea however i doubt that i will be able to afford them anyways when they first come out. So should i just go ahead and get an 8800gts? Or will they undergo a price drop once the new cards are released?
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  1. Well the 4850 is supposed to be $200 when it launches, which is under the price of the 8800gts. So even if the price is a little high because of limited avaliability, it wouold just bring it up to the price of the 8800gts. So if you can afford the 8800gts, you should be able to afford the 4850.

    But yes, the prices on other videocards should also drop, and you can save money there.

    With the launch of the new cards so near, I would definitely say it's worth it to wait and see what happens.
  2. agreed wat is ur price range?
  3. yadge said:
    Well the 4850 is supposed to be $200 when it launches, which is under the price of the 8800gts.

    O wow! I was under the impression that the price was going to be much higher. That fits right in with my $200-250 budget. I guess i will definitely have to hold off a few more weeks.
  4. at least hold off untill the benches come out to be sure tha the new generation cards are worth it. but the prices will drop anyway as soon as new gen is in stock. i'd wait anyways.
  5. when are the benchmarks coming out?
  6. It is totally worth the wait. I can't wait to upgrade from 2600xt. esp from ATI because to be honest they made some mistakes with thier 3800's series they going to fix most if not all of it with 4800's.
  7. sean1986 said:
    when are the benchmarks coming out?

    hopefully soon. i can't wait to find out if it's worth upgrading from my 3870 to 4850 or 4870 or getting a second 3870 in crossfire.
  8. The release date which is supposed to be a hard date (stock on hand for retailers) is June 18th. Seen estimated prices for the 4850 to be $179-$219 with the 512 DDR3. The 4870 will be a month or so longer for release.
    (all theorycraft and i can neither confirm or deny how accurate any of that is)
  9. Wait, so the 4870 is actually releasing later? I thought it had the same release date, but there probably wouldn't be enough cards to get one easily at a good price. At least until sometime later in the summer.
  10. For me I'd wait 2 more weeks.
    Or at least till some official benchmark comes out.
    Then you can compare and then make the decision.
    Have a nice day.
  11. Wait at least to get lower prices on current cards. Worst case, the new cards are a flop and not much better but because they are next gen current cards should drop in price a bit. Win win situation if you ask me. Thats why I'm waiting till new cards come out. Primarily the new Nvidia cards though.
  12. Yep, price drops! Tummy...
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