Poll: Comcast customer serice. Good, bad, or sucktastic?

Rate Comcasts customer service. IMHO and personal experience, they are the worst company I have ever had to do business with.

EDIT. Polls been moved here.
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  1. I gave them a 5 just to piss you off, lol

    I actually have Time Warner and they suck but my uncle is an executive for Comcast if that is any consolation.
  2. I really think Comcast has been lazy to fix their bad customer service because they are a monopoly in many places and don't see any profit in doing so. I pay Comcast for Cable Television, I used Qwest for DSL and phone service. I plan to switch to satellite TV in the future.
  3. Poll Closed

    EDIT. It's been moved here.
  4. Close the poll that fast? Shame on you. Post this in the other and get some good responses. :lol:
  5. i hate comcast too especially right now. my cables been going 56k speeds for no reason and its going on and off.
  6. makotech222 said:
    i hate comcast too especially right now. my cables been going 56k speeds for no reason and its going on and off.
    You need to jack them up and get someone out there.

    @pcgamer12, Your story baffles me, I never would have put up with that crap. You needed to call early during office hours and keep going up the line until you got someone that wasn't completely brain dead. Once you got it worked out you needed to tell them that they needed to switch you on remotely immediately. If someone who wasn't brain dead said you were all straightened out but they had to come out (which is total BS) then I would have gotten their name and position and said you have until 6PM or you will lose a customer to Direct TV. Additionally you would make certain that their bosses were made aware, no ifs ands or buts.

    Direct TV isn't that bad, I sh!t canned Comcast once and used it for about five years, it works OK... Nah, they suck too.
  7. Yeah, I'm gonna start it up in the other section (poll). Look for it.

    Sorry to hear that your cables going bad. Hopefully Comcast can help you without too much hassle.
  8. I'm just glad I got my TV service to work now. I don't know why I put up with their crap, but if they give me more crap, I'll definitely do what you told me.
  9. Poll moved to http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/21392-11-poll-comcast-customer-service-good-sucktastic#t525102 New poll is open. I plan to leave it open. Sorry for closing this one.
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