I know there are alot of threads about the AGP 3850, but..

My System Specs:

AMD Athlon64 4000+

3GB DDR, Dual Channel

Gigabyte GA-K8NS Ultra 939 Motherboard BIOS fully updated (Nforce3 Chipset)

Sapphire ATI Radeon 3850AGP

Tried Both the HOTFIX 8.5 drivers from sapphires website, and the beta 8.6 Drivers floating around. Every time after i install the drivers into vista, I reboot after it tells me too, and after the green loading bar, it immediately blue screens on the atikmdag.sys file.
I have heard that Nforce 3 chipsets and ATI AGP cards are a problem if you have a Dual Core Processor, but i don't! What am i supposed to do? Everything works fine in XP, but whats the point of having a DX10.1 Card if i can't use it??

Thanks for your help
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  1. edited: sorry was suggesting something, but it wouldnt work..

    bump for anyone else who may have any helpull info.
  2. I think it is to do with the Nforce 3 chipset.
    You should be able to still bootup in safe-mode at least.
    go to c\windows\system 32\drivers
    locate the atikmdag.sys file and rename it (change extenstion to .doc or .cbf is prob best)
    then reboot into ordinary mode...
    BTW this is dangerous. I am fairly sure this is either the power management driver or something, but vista *should* compensate. And remember safe mode!

    Windows should not BSOD then, I won't say your computer will be 100% stable, but it should run.
    AFAIK the atikmdag.sys problem is a mixture of AGP, Nforce 3 and Vista...

    Before doing this though, try rebooting with no USB devices attatched. Weird and wonderful as it may seem that could be the problem.
  3. Ouch, power management driver? If thats the case i really don't think i should chance it... Thanks for your help... I wonder if this is something ATI could fix or is its Nvidia's job due to their chipset? cuz if its on Nvidia, then all hope is lost. I don't think they support anything lower than Nforce4 now
  4. ^ Lol it wont blow up or anything, the system would just crash... and you'll need to boot up in safemode... Its not any more dangerous than BSODing the machine repeatadly.

    Did you try removing all USB devices? it works for some people.
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