I would like to see the information under the Properties of a created Windows 2003 file (both .xls files and .doc files created in 2003 Word and Excel) specifically the Keywords: field.

ex. When in a MS Word 2003 document and you choose Properties there is a Summary tab that has the following fields:
Author: (filled by default)
Company (filled by default)
Hyperlink base:
Template: Normal dot.
and a check mark option to save a preview picture

I found that I can customize the details view of Windows Explorer to show me the field Keywords: but it never shows the items actually in the field keywords: when it is added.

Is there something which I need to activate to have this show, because I've tried a full Google search and see nothing that allows me to see the contents of this properties field in my explorer view.

We have users that would like to search using the keywords but all search functions include the contents of the file and therefore returns way to many options. This would be the best case scenerio if we could get the field to actually display the contents using Windows Explorer, I am using Windows Xp professional Version 5.1 sp3

Thank you,
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