AMD Athlon 4200+ X2 upgrade to6400+ X2 is it worth it?

Like in the title. I have a 4200+ and I am considering to upgrade it to 6000+ or 6400+. The main reason for this is that i get 100% cpu usage in NFS Pro Street at different settings and it is lagging. I know it is not video card because it does it also with lower settings. GRID gives me 60 fps constantly with 90-95 % usage. by the way I have 8800 GTX. And I cannot afford to build new pc for at least a year.
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  1. Your 4200+ runs at 2.2Ghz and the 6400+ runs at 3.2Ghz, so yeah a 1Ghz increase in CPU speed is a bunch. The faster processor will scale quite nicely with the 8800GTX. I'd say definetly do it, heck they are only a little over a hundred bucks. Probably the best hundred you'll ever spend for a nice performance bump.
  2. Well actually i am running mine at 236x11=2.6GHz. It has never crashed but stresstests show that second core do errors after 2.5GHz. 1st can go to 2.7 without errors. And I can boot it with 2.8 but it will crush sooner or later. Also I am a bit worried about cooling the processor I have is 65W and if I am not wrong 6400+ will be 125W or something like that. I have Zalman 9500 cooler and at full load cpu gets to 42 C. The problem however is that I used Liquid metal as thermal paste and it has fused with CPU and HSF. I have tried to heat it up with hair drier and soldering iron but i cannot remove it.
  3. You could get a 5000+ Black Edition and a nice cooler like the XIGMATEK HDT-S128x for it. The 5000+ BE is rated at 65W at stock (2.6GHz) and overclocks quite nicely. With a cooler like the XIGMATEK you can also cool the 125W chips without issues.

    From newegg:
    5000+ BE : $82
    HDT-1283 : $37

    6400+ : $145
  4. If you are running at 2.6GHz, then 3.2 is only 27% increase, unless you O/C the new CPU. Not worth the U/G unless at least 50% IMO. New CPU would need 3.9GHz.

  5. Thats what I am thinking. Only thing where my current CPU lets me down is NFS PS. Also 6400+ looks so much nicer I am afraid it will not justify cost. I would overclock new CPU as well but i don't think it would overclock much. maybe 3.4.
  6. Also u can take this phenom 9550 (If ur mobo support am2+). Its using 95w power. Here it is.

    Got a good review over there. They can overclock up to 2.7ghz (maybe higher). But beware, dont use it under xp! This phenom proc got its maximum perfomance using vista os. Especially 64-bit. This is a fixed version of phenom.
  7. my MB will take a phenom but I think thats a waist of money in current situation.
  8. to the OP, the 6000+ will eat up NFS Pro Street. The problem is, that game is more limited by the video card. I am currently using the 6000+, and i cant get 30 frames on the lowest settings 640x480. If I look at the CPU usage, one core barely goes above 50% usage.
  9. Need For Speed Prostreet is badly optimized from my experience of playing it, even though I do actually like the gameplay. EA have a habit of releasing games for a fast buck that are awfully bugged. Your not alone!
  10. If your MB will take a phenom, that is what I would be getting.
  11. ainarssems said:
    my MB will take a phenom but I think thats a waist of money in current situation.

    Then take the 6000+. The different between those two is the clock speed @3.0ghz and @3.2ghz. Buy the 6000+ and simply overclock it @3.2ghz or higher. Take brisbane or venice. They more stabil than other products when u overclock it. Also temp more cool.
  12. Well it is totally different experience with NFS PS for me. When playing it my CPU has both cores at 100% all the time and I am getting 20-40 fps with max settings at1280x1024 and it does not improve if i go to lower resolution or reduce settings. So I am pretty sure that video card is not the bottleneck. it is CPU holding me back.
  13. Your judging your CPU on probably the worst optimized game in existence
  14. Well I probably will not upgrade unless i get a killer deal on e-bay. It is only holding me back noticably in Pro Street and I have now moved on to Grid .
  15. I also have the AMD 4200+ X2 and was interested in upgrading. I was wondering if I can upgrade to a INTEL Core 2 Duo E8600 3.33 GHz Desktop Processor. Am I able to swap with this and any other things to consider? Thank you for your time to answer this!
  16. No they are completely different sockets. You will need new motherboard, CPU and DDR2 memory. If you have AM2 socket, you can get faster AMP CPU, if you have Socket 939 you have to change motherboard.

  17. When thinking of the future, Phenom will be a better choice than the X2 6400+. I'm uncertain of which processor is the fastest, though. Anyone who has any comments on this?
  18. Both 6000+ and 6400+ are great CPUs. They have very low power consumption on idle (for normal desktop usage). I think those processors remain the most responsive in the market (except core i7) as they have better memory controller from all phenoms (I + II).
  19. For all applications which utilizes more than 2 cores, in that case the Phenom will be a lot better. From what I know most applications still only use 1 core today including games.
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