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This is my first post on tom's so thank you for reading it. I have 3 WD3200avjs and 1 Seagate ST3500321cs. none of them are detected in my bios. All it shows in the bios is a blank spot where the drive info would normally be at. Ive tried to auto detect several times but nothing. I tried every option in the bios that i thought might change it, but nothing. First off i will tell you why I have problems because im honest and also if you looked up the model number you will see that these drives are commonly used for dvrs. Well thats where they came from. :non: I install satellite for a major company (im sure u could guess). The warehouse used to throw away some of these untill the rules changed and thats how I got them. Now thats out of the way. if i had to guess i would think that the firmware on the drives needs to be changed so that the bios would be able to detect them. ive looked on both manufactures sites and ive found nothing as to update firmware or flash the drives. u could download seatools but i doubt that would help any if the drive is not even be detected correctly. Any help would be great. If I set up my sig properly you will see my specs but just in case here they are

case = antec p180
cpu = Q6600 @ a modest 3.4
board = evga 780sli P08 bios (latest)
memory = 8 gigs of gskill
optical = samsung sata dvd writer (forgot model)
HDD = 2x 74gig raptors in raid 0
= 1 320gig seagate for storage
vid cards = evga 295gtx
= evga 8800gts phsyX
OS = vista home premium 64bit sp2
ps = pc power and cooling 750w red verison
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  1. Check your manual, page 39. Refer to BIOS Setup screen for Integrated Peripherals, take the first choice, IDE Function Setup, and from that the second-last choice, S-ATA Controller. Make sure at least the SATA ports you are trying to use (and maybe all of them) are Enabled. Quick check for that: you also have a SATA-connected DVD writer. Is it working OK? If yes, then obviously at least its SATA port is Enabled.

    Now go back to manual pages 29-30 where you can examine and change the Standard CMOS Features in BIOS. Try again to look for details of drives on the SATA ports. If it still can't figure out that drives are connected, I'm stumped.
  2. Just updating. I rechecked the bios setting and everything was setup properly. So as a last resort I downloaded the western digital tools thing and ran that. At first post with the drive installed still the samething. But the WD test seen the drive properly and I ran a quick test to see if the drive passed and it did. Once upon reboot the bios magicly detected the drive. Windows didnt see it once on the desktop. Download seagate's discwizard it seen the drive and then formatted in windows with that and now all 4 of the WD drives are formatted and seen by windows. Thanks for the reply paperdoc.
  3. Happy to hear you got it working. It appears somehow the diagnostic tools software forced the drive and the computer's controllers to start talking so the diagnoses could be done, and the fix is permanent. Good on you!
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