How stable is my overclock??

Hi All :sol: :sol:
I have been gleening information from this forum for some time and have not completed my rebuild :D :D

I now have;
E6550 C2D
2x2Gb HyperX DDR2 800 RAM
PowerColor HD4850 512Mb DDR4 GPU
Arctic Cooler 7
Plenty of Case ventilation
250 Gb SATAII HDD (not sure of make!)

after fitting my 6550 last night and noticing that my FSB to RAM ration was 1:1 and that the RAM should be fine with I FSB of 400Mhz this is what I did. BUT being the typical OC'r that I am, that wasn't enuff for me so I push the FSB slowly up to 429 giving me 3Ghz on the 6550. :wahoo: :wahoo:

Finally, the question, I have searched for Benchmarks & Monitoring in this forum and found so many results but was wondering if someone could give me some upto date advice on which Benchmark would best stress my system to make sure it is stable & which monitoring s/w would give me historic readings. i.e. to be able to see what the temp was During the test/gaming.

Also, is anyone else having a problem with the CPU test part of 3DMark06, I've only got the Trial version but in the 2 CPU test sections I am only getting 1-2 FPS. :o

I am sure that a few of you will be able to help so...

Thanks in advance :D :D

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  1. use prime95 for 4hrs+
  2. richardscott said:
    use prime95 for 4hrs+

    Hi mate, I've downloaded the 32 & 64 bit versions of prime95 but I am not sure which program to run to monitor the temp while the test is running. Does prime95 monitor temps as well. The results would be a bit academic if I fried my CPU in the process. :ouch:
  3. As richardscott said,use prime95.However,I suggest running it for 12 hrs at least.That way,as long as no errors show up,you're guaranteed a very stable overclock.Goodluck.


    ASUS P5N-D
    C2D E8500 STOCK
    2X2GIG DDR2 1066 IN DC MODE
    EVGA GTX 260
    LG 24IN WS LCD 1920X1080
    250GIG HD/500GIG HD
  4. OK, obviously no-one has any problems with 3DMark06 in the CPU tests so....Why am I only getting 1-2 FPS for those bits.............
  5. Use CoreTemp or RealTemp for temperature monitoning. As long as the temps are ok while running Prime you will be ok with anything else, my cpu reaches 65C in prime while Crysis wont even bring it to 55. For proper temp calibration read and generally follow Computronix`s advice.

    I believe 3Dmark06 CPU test uses software rendering, so that only cpu is used to process the scene, hence such low FPS rate(i dont get anything more than 3fps either)
  6. And dont stress so much about that test :)
  7. MaDMagik said:
    And dont stress so much about that test :)

    Thanks MaDMagik, I appreciate that. When you've just fitted your 2nd ever CPU & the manual mutters something about jumpers but not actually what to do with them, things get a bit tense. :lol: :lol:

    Am I right in saying that Prime will abort a test if the temp gets to high, or is that a function of the monitoring prog?

    Love the Avatar by the way!! :sol:


  8. no prime will only stop if ure overclock is unstable you have to monitor temps manually.
  9. Thx,

    As said, you have to watch the temps as prime only stops due to instability. But I guess the temperature the cores reach in first few minutes wont go much higher in hours to come, unless your ambient changes.On my machine they go up and down by 1-3C but thats all. So run Small FFTs test in prime and watch it for a while, if you dont exceed 65C than you can safely leave it to run for several hours. I personally test it for 12hrs.
  10. Use Prime95 SmallFFT, but use a separate temperature program (I like RealTemp).

    As for the CPU test, here's the results for my i7 965@4GHz:

    As you can see, it would take a Cray to run that test smoothly. Don't worry about how slow it is, just look at the score (2000-3000 is typical for a dual at moderate to high speed, 4000-5000 for a Core 2 Quad at a fairly high speed, and 5000-6000 for an i7 at fairly high speed).
  11. Thank you all for your responses. :D I knew I could count on this forum. :)

    I don't leave my PC on 24/7 so I will have to wait for the weekend to do a 12hr stress test but I ran Prime64 last night for 30mins and the temp max'd out @ 58C so I think I will try for a little higher before I do a full test. I noticed in another thread that some Temp Progs give different results for the same rig! Anyone have an opinion on which is better?

    I bumped my Vcore up to 3.25 & Vram up to 2.02 just to be safe.

    I know this is not the sort of question you should ask OC'rs but how much real difference will 250Mhz make to operation of my rig, if I'm only doing this for the improvement not for the scores should I stop @ 3.25 Ghz or keep going as far as is safe. :lol: :lol: :lol: I know the answer already. :sol:

    Thanks again for the help & the text offer richardscott

  12. im assuming you bumped the processor to 3.25 GHz and not the Vcore (the voltage going to the cpu) as that would fry your chip. The max "safe" vcore for you chip is 1.3625
  13. If your already at 3.25, your getting near the max for that chip and board.. I managed to get mine stable at about 3.43(7x490), but I kept it at 3,33(7x476) for everyday use. Im not sure if it was the board or the chip holding me back but I couldnt get the system to post at 491fsb, even if I lowered the cpu multiplier.
  14. kyeana said:
    im assuming you bumped the processor to 3.25 GHz and not the Vcore (the voltage going to the cpu) as that would fry your chip. The max "safe" vcore for you chip is 1.3625

    Hi, yes, sorry, my bad!! :( :(

    What I meant to say was that I had bumped my Vcore to 1.325 which is not a big increase from 1.3125 but as I was running OK without it I didn't see the need to go further.

    I'm actually runnning @ 430 FSB which strangley has only produced a 2.99Ghz on the post screen. :??: when I did the OC using ASRocks OC'r from windows 429 had produced 3.01Ghz but maybe that was not measuring correctly.

    I had a higher Ghz temporarily using the ASRocks OC'r but didn't want to commit to it through the BIOS until I had tested it further which I'll do this weekend.

    Thanks Again for the posts, It is very reassuring to know that others have been along the same road without disaster. :D :D

    Thank you all. :love: :love:

  15. One thing I see forgotten here with Prime95. Is that you need to make sure that on the advanced settings tab Round Off Checking is selected. If you don't it will NOT catch any errors.
  16. +1^

    Spot on
  17. Hi All. :) :)
    Just thought I'd give all you nice people who have helped me out, a small heads up. :p

    I seem to have hit a brick wall with the FSB @ 445 (I think!!) although I could use the windows version of ASRocks OC'r to go up to 459 and therefore somewhere in the region of 3.25Ghz, if I apply this in the BIOS, I cannot boot into XP or Win7 with BSOD. :cry: :cry: :cry:

    I am now stable @ 3.06Ghz and now that I have set that I have OC'd the GPU to 690Mhz Core 1190Mhz RAM. Which is stable in XP but is having some driver issues in Win7.

    This does give me a 3D Mark 06 of just over 12000, which isn't bad. I may play with the windows OC'r setting it to run @ start up and see if that is stable @ higher levels but I doubt it.

    Thanks for your help everyone. :D :D :D

  18. Youre welcome
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