Asus EN8800GT/G/HTDP/512M - Overcloking?

I returned my XFX 8800GT XXX "Apha Dog Edition" (wich was standard OC) because it got to hot and ive got the Asus EN8800GT/G/HTDP/512M instead. I want to overclock it. The standard clocks are:

Core: 600MHz
Memory: 900MHz (aka 1800MHz)
Shader: 1500MHz

What would be the best clocks and what program should I use to overclock?
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  1. Bump :)
  2. Mine won't arrive until tomorrow so I can't tell you from experience, but other ppl that bought it have claimed:

    gpu 700-725 mhz
    1900-2000 mhz memory
    shader 1700-1800 mhz

    if your card is the model with the new, larger heatsink/fan design you should be able to hit these speeds or possibly higher if your case has good ventilation.

    I'll try to remember to post my results here tomorrow.
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