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Hey, I've got an e8400 with the stock heatsink, which I removed the thermal pad and applied AS5. It's all brand new, a few days old, so it's definitely not past the "break-in" if that makes a difference. HWMonitor shows one core running as 34c and the other as 38c at idle. Is this difference between the two normal? I'm wondering if the heatsink is mounted properly. I did make sure that all four tabs were all the way through, but you know how that goes. I don't intend to do much for overclocking, obviously with the stock, but I might try to bump up to 3.6ghz. Thanks for any help.
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  1. Yes, up to 10C between cores is acceptable under load. All depends on the IHS when it was assembled in the chip.

    Load the chip up and check again, sounds fine to me.
  2. Thank you. I ran 3dmark2006 and both cores evened out at 49c.
  3. Maybe your 2nd is stuck and can't go below 38c. This happen a lot on those CPU.
  4. 3DMark doesn't load the processor very much. Get Orthos and run it, small FFT's. There are other proggies, but this one is easy enough
  5. I just ran Prime95 small FFT's for 10 minutes. Both cores maxed out at 57c. If I try overclocking a little bit, what stress test do you run for a longer period of time to test system stability?
  6. Prime, small FFT, blend, and memtest for ram. Run for 12 hours each one.

    If you OC the GPU:

    GPU Furmark, loop for an hour. ATI tool too, artifact tester.
  7. Thanks, that's good to know. I pushed my Sapphire 4830 to 700mhz GPU and 950mhz memory, at that point I couldn't notice any artifacts in 3dmark. But I'll have to try those other programs.
  8. i have same cpu, idle cores ate 37.c for both but under load diff of about 5.c between the two
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