Intel DX38BT Motherboard Power and RAID

I have two ongoing issues with the Intel dx38bt motherboard. Advice and comments would be appreciated.

1. The motherboard initially powers up for about 8 seconds, then on its own powers down, then back up, cycles once again, then remains powered up. This behavior always occurs: it is not a function of BIOS setting changes. Intel technical support tells me that this is normal, but I'm suspicious. Present BIOS level = 1513, will update to latest (1554) <after> I resolve the second issue of this post. Once powered up, the machine completes POST, exhibits the Intel splash screen, and I can access BIOS screens with F2. Memory speed = 1066, ECC DDR3 memory, organized as 4 banks of 1GB each, in two matched pairs. Other peripherals = Nvidia GTX260 graphics (PCIe x16), Audigy Soundblaster (PCI), Intel NIC card (PCI). CPU=Intel Q9450.
Power supply effects (sag etc) are not occurring; the supply is a 1KW Enermax galaxy.
CPU thermals are OK: ~43C.
Coming out of a front-panel-forced reset, the same power sequencing process occurs.
This is annoying but not fatal.

2. After installation of an Intel SRCSASLS4I RAID card, the situation is more severe. As before, the computer undergoes its power cycle, then displays two informational messages indicating that the RAID controller lacks the (optional and not installed) cache backup battery option; and that the attached (4 SATA) discs are uninitialized (the machine is a fresh build, so expect this).
The computer then awaits a keyboard input ('C' or any key) before progressing to the RAID initialization utility. I can't progress past this point; the keyboard is apparently <unrecognized>, so the computer stalls until the front-panel reset button is pressed, after which the same sequence occurs. As the Intel splash screen is <not> displayed, I presume that the hang is occurring in POST phase.

I'm using a Microsoft USB wireless keyboard/mouse combination. Since the keyboard is recognized in (1), it is functional (indicator light shows USB power on at all times). On the outside chance that some USB/keyboard incompatibility exists in the specific POST program path invoked by the RAID card, I've ordered a conventional USB keyboard.
The same results occur irrespective of which (of two, x4 or x16) PCIe slot the RAID card is installed in.

Has anyone encountered similar problems ? :bounce:
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  1. There is often a BIOS setting to enable USB keyboard/mouse support in the BIOS. Also, the MB USB port may not supply enough power for the wireless USB setup to work properly.
    The rebooting issue may be "normal" for that model, but it's certainly a defect in design or manufacturing.
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