How to copy files from an old HD with password protected user name

My brother's motherboard died so I bought a new used computer for him. I want to copy the stuff from his old documents & settings to the new computer. I hooked it up externally with a usb device I have. I will let me copy everything else but it won't let me copy the docs & settings from that username I tried to do it through DOS but it won't let me do it there also.
Can anyone help?
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  1. I'm assuming that you are just trying to copy the documents and settings folder itself. That won't work; go into the folder and hit Ctrl+A to select everything and copy it all over that way.
  2. Well I found out what it was. My brother had password protected his user account and that's why I couldn't access it. I found out that you have to "take ownership" of the folder. If anyone else ever has this problem you can search the MS knowledge base for "taking ownership of a file or folder". It gives nice step by step directions. Thankfully! My brother would have had a fit if I couldn't recover all his hunting pictures.
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