New build, lots of wierd Video problems

I guess I am looking for Info on where to start..

I have a xfx 680i lt mobo and two xfx 8800gt video cards running in sli.

I have had my build up and running for about 45 days. I was getting an issue when i played a a certain game that i would get a pink screen every so often. I asked around on here and did some research and came up with the best think to do is to take them out and reinstall them(after I checked to make sure all drivers where up to date and working properly).

After doing so I didnt really have a problem for the next two weeks. However when I got home last night, my computer was on, but the screen was black. I rebooted, and all i got was the pink screen again. I disconnected power, rebooted, and then started getting a light blue screen (not the windows fatal error screen, just a bright light blue screen with no words on it). I tried the monitor and cable on another computer and it worked fine, plugged it back in, and got the screen offcentered on the screen before going to the light blue screen again.

I was pretty sure that it was something hardware related to the video card, but then this morning, I tried booting, and it came up ok, but its not reconizing the wireless card. I am starting to wonder if its mobo problem.

I guess I can call xfx, but as a first time builder I am really dissapointed in myself that I have something so unstable.
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  1. let me also say that I dont think its temputer related. I have never seen the cards anywhere over 45c, with them around 42 most of the time.
  2. What PSU are you running? RAM? What game? Using the latest drivers? Is the airflow good in your case? Were those temps taken at idle or load?
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