Mouse/keyboard wont start on startup.

Ok this is a weird problem im having here. I turn on my computer and my mouse/keyboard wont turn on, ok so after figuring this out i thought my motherboard is done BUT! After around 5-10 restart of my computer the mouse/keyboard works and loads windows. I tryed so many things on trying to fix this like reinstalling windows and switching USB places my keyboard is a PS/2 and my mouse a USB. I tryed using an adapter for the mouse instead of USB didnt work. When i start my PC is loads my motherboard window usually asking to press Delete or TAB to enter BIOS or Post.. Im so confused about this problem does anyone here have any more ideas on how to fix this? Thanks
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  1. What kind of a motherboard do you have?
    It almost sounds like your keyboard/keyboard port is going to heaven.

    Have you tried with a USB/different keyboard?
  2. Look in your BIOS and enable "Legacy USB Support" that should solve your problem.
  3. Check manual. Probably what shadowduck said.
  4. ^I really doubt "Legacy USB Support" has an impact on PS2 keyboards. :)

    ... my keyboard is a PS/2 and my mouse a USB ...
  5. Good point, but it could impact the mouse :P
  6. ^True but do you need a mouse in BIOS? Legacy USB Support is for BIOS/DOS only AFAIK.
  7. No entirely. Legacy support allows USB 1.1 devices to work on USB 2.0 ports for devices that do not play nice.
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