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Well, it's new build time again, and I figure it's time to replace my old 3.5in first gen Raptor 74gb raid 0 array. I've used them for a couple of builds now, but everyone talking of drive failure is starting to scare me a bit. They've been run for ~15-20 hours a day since Feb-05' and I figure it'd be better to replace them for this new build.

I've always been fine with the option of failure with Raid 0, partially because I've added random storage drives over the years for music/picture/video storage, and also because my Ubuntu server does network backups of important files daily. That said, even with 1.2 mil hours before failure on these raptors I'd rather not have to deal with a failed drive if it can be avoided.

So on to new drive options, I'd really love to get an SSD but they're out of my price range (mostly for economical sense till they reach maturity) and I'm left with current gen HD's. On the same side, I don't really think i can bring myself to buy 300$ in new raptors as they're also still overpriced to me, and if I spend that much why not go a little higher and get a nice SSD?

This system will do a bit of everything, from higher end gaming, video music and picture editing/encoding, and plain browsing. I want a solution that's at least as fast as my old-tech raptor array, but preferable faster (of course). The catch is that I don't want tons of space! This may sound strange, but in order to placate my array failure fears I want to be able to backup my new array to the ~1.6 TB of storage I have available on both local storage drives and the network.

I'm prefectly happy with having a fast system/application/game partition and then having slower stuff for anything else. If I'm going to edit a bunch of pictures, or work on a video I usually just move that stuff over to my raid and then back to storage when I'm done, hence I only have a need for ~150GB of space on the fast array.

So finally to the question. I know you can get the new gen WD caviar blacks, 7200.12's, or other new drives, but even though they're fast, I would prefer to spend the same money for a few 50-100GB drives that perform better. As far as my looks through the benchmarks show there isn't really anything out that you can trade size for speed. If you want the best speed, get the single platter versions of the newest gen drives right? So really does anyone have suggestions for my needs here? Thanks for any help, the basic build I'm leaning towards is listed below if that helps.

PS Sorry for the long winded post.

Build Idea:
Mobo: Asus P6T SE (X58)
CPU: i7-920 (mild OC depending on temps around 3.33GHz)
RAM: OCZ Gold DDR3-1600 (6GB)
Cooling: Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer
PSU: Antec Truepower 750W
Video: one of the 4890's to start and then another once the cash flows more
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  1. Three words: solid state drives.
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