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Hi all, if i posted in wrong section please move.

I used the search and found some topics, but when i tried to view if my question was answered in them it kept saying :

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So hopefully you guys can help.

Im looking to do a triple 22" monitor setup. But cannot find much about it. I know about the triple2go solution, but i hear its low resolution.

I was looking to buy :

Its got 3 X dvi, meaning a dvi for each monitor, no messing about, but im wondering using this method, could i play triple screen gaming? or would it only run on the center monitor?

Its so confusing, i know it would work on a triple2go ... because thats recognizing all monitors as one big one am i correct? but the resolution is the factor im not liking + i need a better GFX (i got a x1900xt)

So yea, would using the GFX in the link allow me to use triple monitors in a gaming situation?

thanks in advance
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  1. You are going to either need 2 cards so you can put 2 monitors on one and 1 on the other. This setup would be 2 cards NOT in SLI or Crossfire mode. OR I think your only solution would be a card that already has 3+ outputs. I've seen the 3870x2 with 4outputs, now you show me the 3DVI+HDMI output version. I think those are pretty much your only options for gaming.

    Another question is are you going to game on ALL 3 monitors or just 1 and you just want 3 displays for desktop use. In that case you can go a different route.
  2. thanks for the reply. yea the card i showed has 3 dvi outputs. And was looking to game accross all three monitors. but i was wondering if when i go into a game, it would only be on the middle monitor? or would it infact go accross all three? or would i need to download a program or something to make it span all three monitors

  3. I do not believe all game will support that sort of resolution. I used to have 2 monitors on an older Matrox card and gamed on both. I had to use "windowed" mode in order for it to work. I have a feeling that not all games will spread across all monitors. Just remember you are chopping your video cards resources by 3 when doing that. It will not run as smooth on 3 as it would 1. I have a feeling some games will only show on display #1.
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