Asus striker ii formula freezing.....

Alright well here is what my machine is rolling with....

quad core Q9450
2gx2 ocz reaper (ocz2rpr10664gk)
evga gtx280
asus striker ii formula

The problem i'm having is... I can't get it setup to run stable at all.. I've read through a few options on this site and a few others. And I can't get it to run stable on any settings.

i've tried the settings from these threads and a few others.

I could really use some help here.. If any body has solved this issue already please help me! :) Or if you have any ideas it would really be much appreciated.. thanks everybody
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  1. Anybody out there? Halp ;)
  2. well since i did not read link firsts are you overclocking,what is your ram voltage,and when is it locking up ,also did you run memtest,prime for cpu and what is your power supply
  3. Right now everything is set to auto. I was doing some over clocking and tweaking voltages to try and get a stable set up but i wasn't having any luck. The memtest ran through fine and didn't give me any results which was strange. I'm not quite sure what the prime for cpu is so that's a no i think.. and i have a 750 watt power supply
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