Got a couple 3870HD questions

I have a 2006 compy. not the greatest. stats as follows
2.0ghz proc amd 3400+
nvidia 7600gt 256mb
3gb ram
350w PSU

i see the VisionTek - ATI RADEON HD3870 OC 512MB GDDR4 PCI Express Graphics Card at best buy for 130 dollars. wow thats a steal (at least for me lol). Sooo im gonna go buy one. It will give me a good boost until December for the new build. heres my problem... I dont think my PSU can handle the card!

I found something at Best buy i was thinkin about getting...

Im lookin for a quick fix to hold me over til I save up for a new build. Also, I have never messed with a 5.25 bay PSU like this, but it looks like it would boost me enough to get me by. What do you guys think? I am not lookin to spend alot of money on a PSU, just wanna get by playin the few games I do :) Thanks
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  1. I hope someone answers me before I go buy it :P at least best buy has a good return policy
  2. You could get this one from Newegg:

    I bought one of these about a year ago and it will do just what you need, most likely the same thing just different brand name. The Thermaltake unit does have LED's for Power on and Load.
  3. Thats a nice one too, but i was lookin to get the vid card and PSU at the same place, more convenient for a similiar price. Do you think the 2 of those would be fine on my PC above?

    Will the video card be bottlenecked alot with my current setup as well?

    I also couldnt find any reviews on the visiontek PSU so it has me kind of worried.
  4. I wouldn't trust that PSU at all.
  5. Thanks for the explanation behind your answer :\
  6. To answer your bottleneck question, yes. That set up will hold you back from seeing the full potential of that card.
    My question to you is, instead of buying a 5.25 bay psu, why don't you buy a powerful convnetional psu for your new build and use it now?
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