Troubles with getting 5.1 Speakers working

I have just built a new computer and I cant seem to get music to come through all of my speakers on a 5.1 setup. Im using a EVGA 780i MoBo and im just using the onboard sound outputs. And Im also using Vista 64 Ultimate. I am using the default Windows media player to play music through and the only speakers that are working are the front L\R and the Sub. If I go into the Realtek HD Audio manager that came with my MOBO software it detects all speakers and when I test the speakers all have the test tone come through. How do i get my music to play through all of my speakers???? Please help.

thank you
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  1. well with stereo music source thats the only speakers that should have music playing thru them. But in my Realtek HD Audio manager you can change your default format to DTS Interactive and then use DTS Neo: PC to get simulated surround sound from your music.
  2. The only options i have under the speakers setting is to change the default settings to 24 Bits, 96000Hz (Studio Quality) and 16 Bits Various Hz settings
  3. What speakers are you using?
  4. Logictech X-530's they are a few years old one of those computer speakers in a box thing
  5. Try using a known 5.1 sound source, like a good movie.
    The music is likely only 2.1, so the other speakers may not be used.
    If your realtek manager is the same as the gigabyte one (I.e. gigabyte didn't modify the layout), there should be a play button on the screen for your output settings (The thing with lots of brightly coloured circles), click it and it should play each speaker sequentially. If it works there then the problem is simply the file your playing, it is 2.1... if it doesn't then try mucking around with the plugs going in (move them around a bit).
  6. Check how Windows is set for sound. Click Start ... Control Panel ... Sound and Audio Devices. Choose the "Volume" tab and, at lower right, click on "Advanced". On the "Speakers" tab check the drop-down window at the bottom and make sure it is set for 5.1 sound.
  7. i have exactly the same problem and it's driving me mad. Only front L and R + subwoofer work, not the center and rear pair.
    I have the latest soundMAX drivers for Vista 32 which is configured for 5.1.
    WHen I run the TEST they ALL work.
    But for ALL applications, Games, DVD's, mp3's absolutely everything only subwoofer + front L and R

    PLEASE anybody has any idea?
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