Help please, new ASUS P5Q Deluxe / Q9450 Nothing

Looking for help here. I just assembled a new ASUS P5Q Deluxe with Q9450 and ati4870

When I power on, I can see the power and reset LEDs on inside the case. Press power and I get a power spike through to the case fans and the GPU and then nothing, doesn't reset have to hard shut off power

I checked all components seated okay, checked the 8pin power plug and the main motherboard power

All components are new. So pissed off here, I am reading around seeing new P5 failures and bios issues. I would think the board could run a Q9450 no problem?

Other components are 750w powersupply, and Mushkin XP PC2-8000 Redline 4GB 2X2GB DDR2-1000 CL5-5-5-12 240PIN Dual Channel Memory Kit

Any and all help welcome, thanks
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  1. Clear cmos (may take 1 hour+ in some cases), try each stick of ram in each slot, load bios defaults, set ram to specs. I'm betting on memory.
  2. Great, speedy advice, I am getting the recommended corsair RAM this afternoon, and then I'll update the thread

    Thanks!!!!! :)
  3. I am also in need of some help!!

    I am a newbie when it comes to building systems, this is my second build. I put together a system for my in-laws on
    Motherboard [],
    CPU [],
    RAM [],
    a 500W Antec PSU and CD/DVD drive.

    This is the problem I am having... First, I hate the CPU fans that come from Intel and AMD. They are the biggest pain in the rear end EVER! I still dont think I have got the thing secure on there but that is the least of my worries... Anyway, I got all the hardware placed into the case and connected together, hit the power button with OEM version of Windows XP SP3, everything started out great.. I got to the "detecting your systems config" screen and out of nowhere, I got the blue screen of death. Turned the machine off checked all of my connections and now it stops at the boot screen on "verifying DMI pool data" after about two min of sitting on that screen the system shuts down. I dont know! I have no idea what to think at this point. Also, my USB connections on the back didnt recognize my USB mouse/keyboard (4 USB's on rear panel, none work) The only 2 that work are on the front of the case... I figured this out before the blue screen of death. Please help, I really dont know what to do here. How do I test this hardware to find out if it is bad without buying new parts and replacing all of them.... TIA!!
  4. Supremelaw-
    I want to thank you for your help first... Really appreciate it!
    I have the HDD and CD/DVD drive both connected via SATA cable to the MB. There is a connection to the front of the case for an eSATA, I have that connected to the MB as well. The only two power connectors that I have connected to the MB is the ATX and ATX 12V four pin connector. Both HDD and CD/DVD drivers are connected via SATA power as well... The HDD was an OEM HDD if that might help out in anyway. I have no PATA connections what so ever. Besides the front panel LEDS and the front USB connections that is all that I have.... I went to Fry's and they advised me to get a hardware tester via the net, put it on a CD and boot from that. It was also suggested that I should find out how to reset the bois on my MB, do that and try to run setup again... Worth doing? Thanks again!!
  5. Okay, got the corair ram, and same symptoms

    Went through the PC power & cooling paperclip trick to check the psu and it flagged possible fail, as psu fan not spinning

    So acquired a Zalman ZM750-HP 750W Modular PSU, and same symptoms

    Symptoms as described earlier in the thread, GPU fan spins briefly (2 secs) then stops, everything powered down. I see online that the vendor where I bought the board, people are complaining about P5 pro dead on arrival

    Right now I think the board is toast. I am going to RMA it and choose another brand.

    Am I right in supposing that if the CPU was bad it would still go into bios?

    thanks for all your help
  6. Finally got it working this morning

    I did a test out of the box on anti-static packaging with barebones setup and added in everything one by one, worked fine

    Noticed there were scratches on the backplate of the box - it had been suggested to me that it could be a shorting problem

    Turns out that the heat sink bracket was resting on copper heatpipe motherboard base just enough to make contact with the case.

    I got the grinder out and shaved off that side - the metal in question was for AMD CPU mounts so not needed anyway.

    Reinstalled everything (left off the "extra" heat sink heat pipe) and we are up and running

    Thanks all for the help - I am keeping the Corsair RAM since its on the qualified list, returning the original RAM and the borrowed PSU

    *Anyone whom is having the fan start then stop issues with an Asus board, also check for a shorting problem - easiest way to test is powerup the mother board outside of the PC case
  7. WOW!
    I lost internet service here at the place for the past few days, sorry for not updating you all... Well, what has happened is the CPU was overheating due to the fact that the fan was not seated properly. Fixed that, I had plenty of problems getting the OS and all of the drivers installed on it BUT I got thru that as well!!! Thank god... NOW I have one more problem that I am unsure what to do about. I have 4GB's of RAM placed in the MOBO and windows is only recognizing 3.12Gb of it. I took one stick out fired it up and it showed 1.87Gb of RAM. I switched to the other slot, same thing, uchanged with other stick, got same thing out of both slots... How do I know if this is a MOBO problem or a RAM problem? I am pretty sure that it would be a MOBO problem since they are showing as the same value but I am not completely sure. I downloaded a hardware tester from but it showed me that the system had no issues... Thanks again for the help!
  8. Well the built is complete and overclocked

    There are pictures in this thread:

    and 3D Vantage / 3Dmark6 test results

    Thanks again for the help in troubleshooting, it was much appreciated! :) :)
  9. If anything on the backside of your motherboard was shorting by coming into contact with the motherboard plate (this is the issue you described, right?), you should make sure you've installed the motherboard on its proper motherboard standoffs. They should be little brass screws with long hexagonal heads nearly one cm long. These will keep your motherboard off the motherboard tray and prevent this type of short circuit.

  10. Quote:
    I downloaded a hardware tester from but it showed me that the system had no issues...

    I clicked on the above list but it does not say anything about testing the hardware. Is this a correct link?
  11. I got the same problem but it is intermittent.
    Same P5Q-Deluxe (with Q6600)...

    (dalmore) Why you didn't just placed an insulating (electric) thing between the 2 surfaces?

    I don't think this is a shorting issue as I do have an workaround:
    Keep power button pressed for 10 seconds and than press it once normally and there it goes.

    I'm afraid it is the mother itself :( because of the "strange workaround".
    But I'll check for the shorting anyway.

    Waiting for new ideas... (till I'll go to the Service)
  12. Indeed, no short circuit.

    Same power up problem, specially when exiting bios.
    I guess the problem is with the multitude of AI "stuff" provided by Asus to "help" you overclock your machine "easier".

    Also if CPU overclocked from 266 to 333 (from 2.4 to 3.0 GHz), after start-up + 1min approx. , the system freezes. Why? (the fans are doing their jobs...)

    I was expecting a reboot in case of oc problem... :(

    This new machine started to upset me.
  13. Let's see if this works...

    BIOS Update:

    Version 1103 2008/08/01 update
    Description P5Q Deluxe BIOS V1103
    Update boot block.

    I'll go directly for:
    Version 1306 2008/08/25 update
    Description P5Q Deluxe BIOS 1306
    Enhance the memory compatibility.
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