Restoring RAID 1

I have two 1TB hard-drives. I used them as RAID 1 (Mirror)
Yesterday I had to unplug the battery, to reset the BIOS. now I'm back to two drives C & D.
I've change the settings in the BIOS back to RAID.

The Intel Matrix storage is blinking in the taskbar, and it's saying that the RAID volume was degraded...
and it gives me the option to rebuild it, but when I try to do it, I get an error message saying "The replacement hard drive lacks capacity to be used for rebuilding the volume" HUH?!?

How can I get back to the good old one drive (Mirrored in RAID 1)

Thanks in advance.
Gil Amran
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  1. Make sure you remove the partition first, a low level format would be even better.
    Then add it back into the array and try to rebuild.
  2. are you sure?!?!? sounds very drastic...
  3. That sounds really extreme. I hope you don't have to do that with a RAID array every time you reset to the defaults...
  4. anyone with a better solution?
  5. Boot up with only one drive connected. After your computer boots up, shut down the computer. Then add the second drive. That's it.
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