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where can i type control userpasswords2 and still have it work? my home computer does not have a run box
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  1. What OS do you have? When you go to the start menu, you should see 'run' or a run box.

    Your 'run' option may be hidden.
    Right click on the start button-->properties-->start menu tab-->customize-->make sure the box next to 'run' is checked-->apply-->ok-->now see if it's there.
  2. Right click the Taskbar /Properties / Start Menu/ Customise. Check the box for -Show Run Command. Apply then exit. The run Command will now be seen in Start/all programmes
  3. copycat :p
  4. Sorry aford10. I must have been replying at the same time as yourself and as I can only type slowly your post went up 4 minutes before mine while I was still writing.
  5. No problems man. I was just playing.
  6. Nice one. You need a sense of humour nowadays. Keep up the good work you are doing. I learn a lot from you. Cheers
  7. Eh, we all learn from each other.
  8. aford10 said:
    Eh, we all learn from each other.

    [#0005ff]Being lazy, I learnt Windows key plus R gets me there quickly. Also, if I only want a Command Prompt, to save the drudgery of typing cmd and then typing again at the prompt, I learnt to type cmd /k /ipconfig /all or whatever.

    I am very, very lazy indeed. :D
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