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HI all, just need your opinions on something...

My old system bit the dust after a power surge about a month ago, and those nice people at the insurance company have offered me a new system to replace my old one. I need to know which components I should be pushing them to change, if any...
Old setup...Athlon 64 3000, GA-K8NF9 mainboard, 2 Gig Crucial RAM, ATI X1800XT 256Mb Graphics, 480W Hiper Type M PSU.

New offer... Intel C2D E4600, MSI P31 Neo-F mainboard, 2 Gig Kingston RAM, GeForce 9600GT 512 OR Radeon HD3850 512, Hiper 580W Type M PSU, Soundblaster Audigy SE 7.1, in a NZXT Hush Midi Tower or a Lian Li PC-7B Plus II tower.
Natch there will be the obligatory HDD's and DVD drives.

Which Graphics card ? And is the mainboard a bit on the dated side ? What about CPU ? I've already told them I want to stick with XP, and not go to Vista.

Let me know what you think.
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  1. The 9600GT is the better card, mobo is adequate, power supply is a cheap one, CPU is better than what you had. Basically a free upgrade from what you had before.
  2. Go with the ATi 4850 or 4870 based video card
  3. Take the cash and build your owen
  4. Maybe if you drop the soundcard you can use the money toward a better CPU.

    The MB and PSU are not great, but they'll do the job.

    I'd pick the PC-7B, but the NZXT Hush is nice too. Both are $90 at newegg right now, both have two 120mm fans, etc.

    +1 for the 9600GT, it is indeed better than the HD 3850. If you have the option to pay some extra and get a HD 4850 do it.
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