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I have put my computer together finally and when i boot it up its asking or saying that its looking dmi pool data and it tried to boot from cd or dvd and fails, i believe this is a windows issue, so how do i download a copy of windows xp professional and use my cd key?
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  1. It's not a windows issue, it's the BIOS looking for a boot device.

    Do you have an XP disc?
  2. no, but thats what i thought. So when i get the xp disk , do i boot from cd-rom or ...what?
  3. Boot off the XP disc, and then try doing a windows repair.
  4. where do i go to download a fresh copy of windows xp pro oem. i have tried different websites and none of them will give me a legit copy. Do i need a special disk to do it. I just need to know a good website to get it plz
  5. ok well ty for replying, i called the microsoft product s and accessories line and told them my situation and the rep is sending me a freh copy of windows 7 home premium full version for 32/64 bit absolutley free. Wow I'm blessed to have such luck. thanx again for the help.
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