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I am looking for wireless router and don't know much about it. Please tell me which Brand and model is best for my usage.

Area of my home is 2700 Square Feet (300 Square Yard). I work on my laptop everywhere in home.

So tell me which model works better for me without creating any Distortion or losing connectivity.

I know such brands: Dlink, Netgear, Belkin.

Whats the difference in G, N and N+ wireless router?
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  1. Your question about brands is a bit meaningless -- they all have a range of models, some better than others but most rely on a small number of chipset manufacturers and the products from different brands frequently perform in a similar way.

    The real choice is between big names brands such as those you mention and the unknown cheaper models. Because they too use the same small range of chipsets -- they perform just as well in many cases -- but the the difference may be noticed later when you look for advice or driver updates -- the big brands mostly have good online support and they'll probably be around in future when the small brands have disappeared.

    The differences between G and N are to do with wireless reception, range and speed.

    The speed of your broadband is probably lower than the speed of the basic 802.11g wireless (even taking into account that the true performance of wireless is seldom even half the claimed speed).

    If you opt for 802.11n at present you would be well advised to buy the router and the wireless adapter from the same brand to ensure compatibility.
  2. Do i have to buy seprate Modem and Router to connect my laptop and system?
  3. The term router is widely abused to cover what are actually three different products in one -- the ADSL modem, the router circuitry and wireless. Most models sold conform to that pattern.

    If you have cable internet the provider usually supplies a modem and you buy a router (usually with wireless) designed to work with a cable modem.
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